and just like the rain in Ghana….I didn’t see it coming

I woke up at 3am this morning, and everything was right with the world. Then a cool breeze blew into the room and I thought to myself I must turn off my fan, but it was too late as the electricity had cut out. In my area, when it rains heavily (well actually I don’t think I have ever seen light rain in Ghana it always rains heavily). I hope my place doesn’t get flooded I thought to myself. The previous friday that’s exactly what had happened, the rain was so bad that water came seeping through my ceiling. I had asked the estate manager to get someone to fix it, but like everything in Ghana if you don’t apply pressure it just doesn’t get done and I just hadn’t had time to apply that pressure. So all I could do was pray that the rain wouldn’t be so heavy that I would have to spend the morning mopping up….again.

After I finished distracting myself with thoughts of my house my mind went back to what had been distracting me the last few days. I went over and over the events leading up to the main event and the subsequent mini drama’s which had occured since then, and even know it just doesn’t make sense to me. I can’t believe again, I had allow myself to start to feel something for a guy and he ends up throwing crap in my face.

Grimm or Gremm, don’t know exactly how you spell his name, but the Kumasi guy, I analysed, analysed the analysis, at one point I said no, I don’t think this will work out yet still he persisted with the calls and the text messages and then he came to Accra and I had a good look at him, he wasn’t really my type though but I was warming to him, he didn’t have a tree growing outta him face as my good friend Elayne would say, so I thought why not. So what happens after that, the only thing that can happen, the whole thing goes tits up. On Monday I get a call from this girl she says her name is Efua and she had my number recorded on her phone but she didn’t know who I was. For some reason I thought it was work related  (even though it was a holiday, but I have gotten used to the fact that just because its that a Ghanaian doesn’t mind calling you during your off day to talk business). But after talking to her for a few seconds the person sounded very amateurist and was somewhat irritating asking my surname and then asking if I was at Legon or Tech university. By that time I had to ask the bitch to state her case because she was wasting my time. “Do you know Yaw” she says, “because he is the only person who would use my phone”. Ok then mystery solved. “Is he your friend” she asks I say yes, she asks again I repeat and then she asks “is he your boyfriend”, I’m thinking how old is this girl 5. I tell her that she has got the information she was looking for now could she please get off my line.

She gets off the phone and calls back. “The reason I am asking is because Grimm is my boyfriend”, you could have knocked the black off of my face but my mama raised a lady. She goes into a tirade of questions “did you meet him two weeks ago”, “are you from london”, “so you knew him from london”, “did he tell you he had a girlfriend”, the last question is what did it for me. Already I had established that I was 10 years older than this bint, so I was getting annoyed at the fact that this little girl younger than my sister was telling me crap like “woman to woman” but I was actually more annoyed at myself for listening to it, which is when I told her that if her man is fooling then she should take it up with him and then I said goodbye.

Still seething the bitch goes and makes it worse by adding me as a friend on facebook. I couldn’t help myself I send an email asking why she feels the need to add me as a friend, she trusts her man so if she has any questions she should go to the person she has a relationship with, which is not me.

Her response, oh she does trust him and she saw a text from me to him that’s why she had to ask but anyway they spoke and he felt so bad about the text, but he told her that nothing could ever happen between me and him and she believes him, they are good thanks.

What has Grimm said on this whole issue, considering he used to call me 3,4,5 times a day, he has become unbelievably silent. I called him, just to give him a piece of my mind, and get an explanation, never been one to keep quiet and let things go, I simply wanted an explanation. All I have established so far is that yes he has a girlfriend and yes he took my number knowing that he has a girlfriend. What his aim was, I have no clue, is he sorry, well he feels bad but he hasn’t said sorry. So he feels bad for being a cheat, getting caught or what I don’t actually know.

What I don’t understand is we talked a lot, and he talked about many of he ex-girlfriends if not all of them, however he conveniently forgot to mention the other one. The time when Elayne was around and I didn’t call/pick up his calls he was a persistant little f***er, so was I dreaming the whole thing.

I am good at deceiving myself I have to admit, I convinced myself I was going to have a happy ending with William even when I found out that he was engaged to Norway girl, I convinced myself that I wasn’t just a girl on G’s wish list and once he got me into bed he would get bored. I had convinced myself that Kobby was the one, after he had gone back to the US and he told me that he was basically a committment-phobe but I convinced myself that I was going to change all that. But this one, I wasn’t even all that into him. I didn’t notice him in Kumasi until HE approached me and asked me for a dance, HE asked my number and HE called me first thing the next day and HE had been calling every single blessed day since. When he came to Accra I thought he’s not really my type but hey why not he’s alright and you never know what could happen, give it a try and see where it goes.

I wasn’t expecting a saint but I wasn’t expecting anything along the lines of this. I was actually congratulating myself that it had we were nearly half way through 2011 and  I have remained abstinent and my life had been drama free, then just when I had managed to convince myself that I had a future with this guy, nuclear bomb hits. Really this is just my luck, I don’t know if it is the soap I use or the perfume I wear, but all I want is one decent guy. I am not looking for a saint or one that will be by myself 24 hours a day but just one that doesn’t think that I am that thick skinned they can just use me for a bit of fun and dash me away when they are done, bored or get caught out.

If I say it didn’t hurt I would be lying but I have no option but to dust myself and move on, it’s not the first time, I should know the drill by now….

Well back to work, have weekly snapshot, as much as I hate these mindless reports, I don’t need to add pissing of the boss to my list of woes….

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A British Born Ghanaian navigating her way through life.
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