Need to get out of this funk

Ok, so it’s taking me a while but I am beginning to get over this sorry mess. The reason why I am still talking about it is because 1. I feel like I have been conned, and 2. I hate to lose, how dare this fool come and bulls*** me like that, to make matters worse is that he confirmed that she is his girlfriend today so I am seething of how I got played and I can just imagine him telling her that he doesn’t know where I got that idea from, like I went searching for him. It’s not like he’s all that nice, slightly overweight, a bit short and well how can I put it, he’s not the well groomed type. I feel physically sick when I think about how he managed to suck me in. Why couldn’t the cow have called me 2 weeks before when I was avoiding his phone calls, when I would have had Elayne to lean on. They say everything happens for a reason but this on deε I just don’t understand.

And there was I feeling guilty for my BB fling with Tony. T oh the memories.

T was the hot guy in school, all the girls liked him but he was so unassuming. While Julian (his best friend) also easy on the eye had a big head and took advantage of the girls accordingly. It was like T just went with the flow. I however was not part of the popular girl crew although I was not unpopular either. I got invited to hang out but it was more as one of the boys. If I am totally honest, although I haven’t been a retiring wall flower and have had my fair share of admirers, I don’t think I really blossomed until the last 4 years. It is not a coincidence that my self-confidence has also increased, whereas before I would take any old crap that came along now I at least the crap I take have substance….LOL, but really, back in the day this issue with Grimm would have had me locked in my room crying, apart from annoyance and irritation, I’m ok, and I know my worth and I know I am worth much better than that, whereas for his girlfriend, that’s the best she will ever have. Maturity baby!!!

But anyway, I digress, back to the better topic, T. Now if anyone could take my mind off the problems I have with work and other matters, he could. Like mature wine, he has FINE. We caught up on facebook shortly after I came to Ghana and exchanged a few emails. But it is when he posted his BB pin and I added him on that the fun started. 18 years (wow that’s deep) after leaving school and 3 years after leaving the country, this guy has to go and tell me what I wished he had said earlier but to be honest I can only appreciate now. We have had some very hot conversations on BBM I can tell you, the last one being….well put it that way if I nearly booked a ticket on my credit card just to go to London and get laid I tell you. Getting flustered just thinking about it. He said he would pay half my fair to come down, I wonder just how serious he is about that, because I am thinking I still have a few hundred quid in my account…hmmmm

Sexual frustration is a bitch….LOL

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A British Born Ghanaian navigating her way through life.
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