Monday Morning Blues

The day is got off to a great start. My cousin borrowed my car last night as his has gone for service. He calls me late in the night to tell me that I should take a taxi as he needs to go somewhere early in the morning. To top it off it decided to rain this morning which made my walk to the junction to find a taxi so much fun, my toes are now full of mud. Taxi driver hit me for 8 Ghana Cedis for a 20 minute journey, but I was (and still am) too exhausted to bargain the price down. So here I am, even though I woke up at 5.30 this morning, I am absolutely exhausted so am doing the thing where you sleep with your eyes wide open and pray that your eyelids don’t drop down and give you away. However when you work in an office where you are measured on perception as opposed to actual performance, I think I should be able to get through the day pretty much doing not much. To top of this marvelous working day, I have a meeting in Tema at 2pm which means its going to be fun getting back to the office where my car may or may not have arrived by then. I think I want to cry.

So what should be the final chapter in that Grimm saga. Apparently he told my friend Joe that there was nothing between us, we were just friends. Ni**a please, I have enough friends, I didn’t actually need or request any more. Bloody idiot. Anyway, it is my fault for lowering my standards. A glorified pure water seller, I am more mad at myself for giving him the time of day in the first place. I need to start acting more stush. A guy like him would not normally get a look in to a girl like me, so when I did give him my number he started to believe his own hype. Well, I haven’t heard from him since Saturday evening when he said that he was coming to Accra and could he come and see my house, and I told him that I don’t entertain other people’s boyfriends in my house. He thought I was larking about until we got to the subject of travelling to London and he asked if he gave me money would I buy some things for him. So I told him I would not have any space in my luggage. He then started whining that he would not say that to me, I said that I only do things for my friends “you have left a very bitter note in my ear, you, I’ll call you tomorrow”, c**t, do me a favour and drop of the face of the earth.

I definitely from now on need to be very choosy about the company I keep, high class and low class makes for a very mediocre relationship of any sort. From today, no more smiling at any dyamn fool that passes in my direction, only quality people who are deserving of my attention may apply.

About efiasworld

A British Born Ghanaian navigating her way through life.
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