If I can make there (in Ghana) I’ll make it anywhere…

I had a few days of off to sort myself out, once again. The purpose was to get my house in order, tidy up and do a bit of DIY (well get someone to do it). I was also, time permitting, going to catch up on all the emails that had been piling up while I was going up and down and around in circles these past few days. I took the laptop home alright, but what did I end up doing. Watching the One Tree Hill box set I bought for myself a couple of months ago. Season 1-4 down and part way season 5. Although all is not lost as I managed to do 6 weeks worth of laundry in a day.

I had a lot of time to think. The events of may aside, I have toughened up this past 3 weeks. Had I been back in London, I would have taken it for granted that everything works and if it doesn’t, well daddy is there to make it work. Here, I have no choice but to do it myself, if a person gives me an exorbitant quotation for a kitchen, I have to use my judgement and see whether it is worth it or not. If there’s a break in I have to go to the police station, follow up with the security company head, I have to find a maison to fix the gaping big hole in the kitchen. Where it doesn’t work, I have to fix it basically.

Still there are things I won’t do. Anything to do with my car, I have a gazillion male cousins and uncles, if the battery dies or if it needs to go for servicing, I draw the line, even if I have to beg, at some point you have to draw the line and this is it. So I pray everyday that I do not get a flat tire in the middle of no-where or I’m lost. If God forbid I ever do, while God has blessed me with looking quite attractive to the male eye, I will use that gift to get some guy to do it…lol

Which leads me to my second point. I am very lucky. I have a job where I have unlimited medical cover (except dentistry, I don’t get it because our daughter company is entitled to it but oh well, some are not entitled to anything). My family by Ghanaian standards are doing ok, although I live on a budget now that I have a mortgage to pay, I can still afford the odd treat now and then, and I was given a gift of a new blackberry when my other one was stolen. Not everyone can say that. I have to thank God for my many blessings.

I heard a story today which I found so very sad when I heard it. There was a riot in Madina zongo (zongo is kind of like the ghetto) area. The riot started over a piece of land. It was bought for the purpose of building a church, the muslim community who had been basically squatting in the area decided to take up their squatters rights. Long story short, a riot started. The police came with guns shooting everywhere, and a certain gentleman was shot. Not because he was one of the people involved in the riot but because he was muslim so there implied he was part of it. The man was shot in the leg and taken to the hospital. At the hospital they claimed that there was no-one to operate. They didn’t bandage his leg but instead elevated his leg. He was seen to three days later, when he was pronounced dead.

I realize why Ghana is such a religious country. If you fall sick, all you have is God especially if you don’t have money to bribe the doctors or you are not educated enough to know simple things such as if there is a gunshot to the leg at least if there is no-one to operate they can at least put pressure and stop the blood flowing out. My friend had an accident a year ago, at least we were there to buy blood (it is not free like in the west even though people do donate). Another friend’s mum was a qualified nurse in US so of course they respected every word she said. He had enough money for a private room, so he got first class treatment. He was one of the lucky ones, and he lives to tell the tale. The gentleman who just happened to be a the wrong place at the wrong time is not.

It makes the NHS look like private health.

So today I count my blessings, and I pray that I never get into an accident on these shores. If the man of my dreams eventually comes my way and God blesses me with a child. Trust me, when it gets closer to the date but not too late that I can’t travel. Good old National Health, straight to London, I know I many of my friends and family have had babies here and they are perfectly healthy, but the way I see it. I have that red book, I have up until now paid my taxes there. I am going to utilize all my entitlements in life.

It’s the end of another working day, I am going to wonder about Accra’s glorious mall for a bit and then go home and sleep.

Until the next time…

About efiasworld

A British Born Ghanaian navigating her way through life.
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