oh Ghana…we still have a long way to go….

So its Saturday night, party time for some but a night in, in front of the TV for me. What is the reason for me being so old before my time….apart from me being a boring old fart, it’s my time of the month and I’m not feeling so sociable, secondly I have spent the day painting and decorating my house if that’s what you can call it though, its a bit chaotic but I have faith that at some point it will all come together (although I have probably got more paint on myself…hehe). I am also a bit scared to drive at night not for fear of an accident but in case I get stopped by the police. I still haven’t gone to the license office to get my license renewed and it seems that I am a magnet to the officers of the law lately.

I thought I was safe this morning, it was about 8.30 and I thought I would nip out and get a paper when they there were like a locust of flies. Of course I didn’t have my seat belt on which was unlike me but just my luck and Mr officer clocked me and made me park. He asked for my license I said it was in my bag on my bed and he said, driving without a seat belt and without a valid license I’m going to have to sanction you. So I did the only thing a girl can do when she only had 3 cedis so cannot “tip” the officer to turn a blind eye, I started crying. Its not very easy for me to turn on the tears except that one time in the month, and they came pouring out. “Why is everything going wrong for me” I started, and then proceeded to tell him about the burglary and my crappy love life. He said “don’t cry it will be ok”, he then asked for my number. I think that’s the new way for officers to get girls these days, the second one in as many months. I gave him my number and he let me go. Now normally I am a law abiding citizen but as my dear friend Zara tells me, this is Africa. So when in Rome and all that….but I really have to go and sort out this license thing, definitely on Monday or else the whole Accra municipal will have my telephone number.

On the other pending matter, a representative from the security firm came to the house with a replacement TV for the one which was stolen. Ok I said, bring it in. Two security guys went into the car and brought out the TV. As they were walking closer to the house I thought that looks a bit weighty, I had no problems bringing the TV into the house. As it got closer I saw 21″ and it was one of those heavy duty big backed TV’s. Now I’m thinking when they called to say they couldn’t find the exact model of my TV but would I mind a similar model I was at least expecting the same 32″ LCD that I had toiled and saved to buy for the fact that it was a 32″ LCD. As they got to my gate I said STOP….that’s not my TV. They looked at me obviously pissed that they were carrying this load but hey, if they had got me the correct type it wouldn’t have been such a burden on their back. The rep then called his boss to tell him that I had refused to take it. I shouted loud enough for his boss to hear that it wasn’t the correct type. The rep then got back in the car and said they will be in touch. I have not heard from them since and the director is not answering his phone. Very professional. This is Africa….well I am being very patient right now but I am about to pull out my trump card. My cousin works with a local media company, I’m sure a threat of my story going out National plus a civil suit might, just might inspire this nuisance of a man to do the right thing. We shall see.

On a lighter note I did go out last night. Well more like dragged out. My two friends Kojo and Paa kojo came to my house and badgered me until I agreed to go out for a drink with them. A quaint little pub in the middle of a rather unsavoury neighbourhood it, we went inside. There was 2 pool tables and then a seating area the guys left me to go play pool and I ordered myself a coke so as to try and resist the temptation of wanting to smoke. It didn’t work though I had one then got mad at myself for smoking it then had another one, but hey you pick your battles, I just wanted to make it through the night without picking up a disease (the people in the club did not look like the most hygienic, there was only one lavatory, it had a toilet but it seems that the locals still haven’t quite got the knack of how to use it).

That night a hip life artiste who I don’t have a clue who he was, was filming a music video. There were two guys your typical Ghamerican, trousers down to their knees so you could see what colour boxers they were wearing. They mimed to this track while ladies in cheap dresses which barely covered their private area danced seductively. Kojo decided to have a little chat with one of the dancing ladies, apparently he was intrigued by her very shiny red shoes. She basically gave him the hand, think she must have thought she was backing up for Beyonce or something except I’m sure Beyonce would shell out for a decent place for her to change and not the same lavatory that the general public were doing their business.

They filmed several scenes, this song playing over and over again it would have been quite catchy had it not have been for a strange guy dancing in the corner who was making very lewd hand gestures while thrusting his pelvis, very disturbing but well I was in a back alley pub and not in an upmarket club in town so what did I expect.

The night ended for me when a fight nearly broke out over who was going to use the pool table next. The boys being lovers and not fighters agreed for an unsavoury looking character who probably could have tripped over his shorts as they were so low they were practically at his ankles, to have the pool table. I was not sad to leave.

All in all it was an experience. I wish the hip life artiste the best of luck though with his video, I look forward to seeing it on TV. I don’t think I will be going back to that pub again though, not while I am sane of mind anyway.

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A British Born Ghanaian navigating her way through life.
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