ECG: Electricity Comes from a Generator

I’m in the office this morning listening to Bob Marley’s ‘three little birds’. I need someone to tell me everything is gonna be alright because right now I’m feeling far from alright.

I’m sure you know by now of my hates about Ghana, it is the fact that basic necessities you would normally take for granted like water and electricity is not so frequent here. When I first got here it wasn’t so bad, out of water, my cousin calls the guy to fill up the tank. Lights off, no problem switch on the generator. But now I’m on my own, in my house, a homeowner, it’s not so much fun.

Over the weekend the lights went off during the day but by 6 it came back, I was annoyed but it was the weekend, it gave me incentive to go out and get some fresh air. On Saturday went out and got me some fufu with goat meat light soup with a teaspoon of crushed ginger. It had been a while since I had eaten fufu and it went down well. Very well, in fact so well that after that I did a few rounds and then went and then went home to sleep. So when the lights came back and then decided to go off again for another hour, it didn’t really phase me.

Sunday, when the lights went out well I had to go and wash my car anyway, so sat at my local while waiting for the car to be polished, had a lucozade and a couple of sticks (I know, will quit soon), left 5 minutes after the lights came back at around 5 ish.

Yesterday now, I was tired, hungry and cranky. My mother having driven my car the whole day left word that the tyre needed changing (where I was going to change a tyre at 7pm I don’t know, why she couldn’t have sorted it out while she was being driven all around accra and bill me later, I don’t know either, but that’s my mum). My plan was to eat, watch this really bad (bad acting, bad voice overs, just bad) Spanish Telenova that I have got hooked on (I am a soap addict, any soap will do). Then go to sleep. I drive into a very dark estate however at around 7.30pm. Ok I think by 8 the lights will be on, then I can catch the sitcom on Viasat 1. 8 comes and 8 goes, it gets to 9.30pm and still no lights. I want to eat but can’t be doing with eating in the dark. So the only thing to do is to force myself to sleep.

I wouldn’t mind so much, actually I do mind, but it wouldn’t have been so bad if it wasn’t another hot and sticky night and I hadn’t got this megga cold which meant I kept on waking up every hour to sort out my nose before trying to get myself to sleep again. Not impressed with these ECG people!!!

The alarm goes off at 4.45 (still dark and still no lights), cold shower for me. It’s amazing, I live in a hot country but I cannot have a cold shower it has to be at least tepid. But today it was a very cold shower for me. I came out and searched for the least creased clothes I could find and out the door, If anyone jokes today about ‘did you get dressed in the dark’, the simple answer is, yes I did.

So my 13th month salary was to replace my TV and treat myself to DSTv. But what’s the point of getting that when I won’t have any bloody electricity to watch it with. So today I go out and estimate for a generator and add that to my budget.

Who said being a homeowner would be fun. In my next time I will be married by 20 to someone very rich I swear…

On another note, the security firm gave me something towards the cost of the items stolen from me. 250GHS out of 4,000GHS. Looks like it’s going to take a while to recover my things then *eyes rolling*…oh Ghana, but hey what can I say, I chose to live here, so here I dey.

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A British Born Ghanaian navigating her way through life.
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