Extreme Christianity

About 70% of the population here in Ghana is Christian, I’m a Christian myself a Catholic, go to church on Sunday’s although not all Sunday’s in fact if I’m going to be honest I am an occasional church-goer. But my view is, the number of times you go to church is not commensurate with how good a Christian yuo are. I’m not perfect, I have also done things which I have swore that I would never do but in the same vein I accept my failings and ask for forgiveness. I’m not sure if my fellow 70% ers can do the same.

So, I don’t go to church every Sunday and don’t belong to some type of fellowship group on top of this I am 34 and still unmarried, I go out drinking on a Friday night and on top of that I smoke, conclusion from my 70%ers, well all I can say is Jezebel aint got nothing on me in their eyes. I am no worse than the ladies who walk the streets of Canntoments looking for business. It doesn’t matter that I am an okay person, keep my unwanted opinions to myself, don’t involve myself in office Gossip, don’t sleep around, keep myself neat and have two degrees and a Masters, I’m a she-devil. However, for example, there is a lady who works in the hotel opposite where I work, she and her boyfriend and daughter go to church every Sunday. Her boyfriend is somebody else’s husband and her daughter she had when she was a teenager and only the good lord knows where the father of her child is. However, she goes to church every Sunday so in the eye’s of the 70%ers, she is a good Christian. The woman’s fellowship that she belongs to are probably even praying for her that the boyfriend will leave his wife and marry her.

I do not pass judgement on her, as I said I have done things which I really hope God has forgiven me for before I reach those pearly gates, neither do I pass judgement on the guy who has a girlfriend for each day of the week, or the lady who has one boyfriend who pays for her clothers, another who pays for the fuel in the car and the one who takes her to eat at Frankies’ on a Saturday. I do not pass judgement on the lady who intentionally got knocked-up so that her boyfriend would marry her, not because they go to church every Sunday but I live by the word ‘he withougt sin should cast the first stone’ and the other one that says ‘judge not so that ye shall not be judged’, but I guess my fellow 70%ers missed that chapter at bible class.

About efiasworld

A British Born Ghanaian navigating her way through life.
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