Farmers Day Weekend

Today is the 2nd December. I love this month, 3 holidays to look forward to. Christmas Day, Boxing Day and to begin the holiday period, Farmer’s Day which is today.

Normally I would take advantage of the long weekend to relax, clean up the house, do laundry and then sit back relax again while watching my Spanish telenova’s and catch up with the Young and the Restless (providing the lights don’t go off). Maybe at some point in the evening I would call my Nigerian buddy and go to Appetite bar for some free cocktails (its ladies night, every friday, free between 10 and 12).

Today however, I am up at my usual time of 5 watching Al-Jeezera and CNN and getting ready just like I would any other working week. I am not going to the office, but I’m off to Cape Coast, 4 hours from Accra, I need peace. The truth is I’m exhausted, I have a blocked nose, my head hurts and I need sleep (I know right, get the violins out). As much as I would love to stay at home, rest would be the last thing I get here. My mum who has been stuck indoors for the past few days (the driver has gone to his home town to take care of his sick father and my mother doesn’t do taxi’s) would of course expect her first born daughter to take her to “do her rounds”, if it was just that, yes I probably wouldn’t mind so much but the relentless bitching that ensues, now that would add to the headache.

Maybe she would be quiet today. I doubt it. Its in her DNA. Yesterday at 5 she called me, “can’t you even call me, I’m bored”. She has 2 sisters and 1 brother here, she also has in-laws some of whom live just 10 minutes away, but I digress. I tell her I was in a meeting all day (half true, it was all morning, then in the afternoon my boss gave us feedback from a workshop he had been to the day before, then I had to give a colleague feedback on the mornings meeting and issues which had come up while he was on leave and somewhere in between eat lunch and update my blog). But anyway, I tell her I was in a meeting and she says “all day, she starts to go into one when I have to cut her off and tell her I will see her in a little while (I don’t need my colleagues to hear this). She then asks me to buy bananas and phone credit (I think this was the real reason she called but as I said, bitching is in her DNA.

I get the bananas and the phone credit, had to drive far out for the credit though, my usual guy at the top of the road decided not to turn up, quite annoying because I completely ignored the guy selling credit banging on my window in the traffic, so used to turning my face when they approach me that I totally forgot that I actually needed them today. So drove around, eventually found someone (one thing I love about Ghana, you can always get credit on the roadside somewhere).

I get home, put the units on her phone and give her the bananas. Then she says to me “did you wash my sheets because it was so dirty it made me itch”. Yes I did was your sheets but if you don’t sleep on the bed until after 5 weeks it will get dirty, is what I wanted to say, but I didn’t say anything. She repeated the question. I said nothing again. She didn’t ask the third time, went on to tell me she called her auntie and went through the whole conversation and how she has to go to see her.

I start to pack my bags, I barely took the clothes out of the draw when she says “are you not going to iron them”, give me a chance woman. She then went on to berate me for using nose drops for my blocked nose. For a moment I thought about going out, but unfortunately the body wasn’t able so I finished packing (yes, I did iron the clothes). Once done, I dropped on the bed and fell asleep. Mum sat on my bed watching a comedy, I realized it had finished when she tapped me to tell me goodnight.

So normally, I would have stayed at home this weekend. But when my two friends from work suggested we go for the weekend, I did not hesitate. I’m not all that fussed about going to the castle, having been there 4 times already (although it is interesting and a very emotional journey but I have been twice when I came here on holiday, once when we had an work weekend away and once when my mate Elayne came over), but at least I know I will be well rested this weekend, and that’s the main thing.

So I’m off. Until the next time.

About efiasworld

A British Born Ghanaian navigating her way through life.
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2 Responses to Farmers Day Weekend

  1. liz says:

    Loving your blogs! think you have a hidden talent creative writing!! can relate to things you write so much cant wait to come home:-)


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