a beautiful morning

Its 6.30 and I’m up with the chicken and the goats in my holiday house in the hills of Cape Coast. Its so peaceful here, no sound any cars, or the muslims doing their morning prayers, or a couple shouting first thing in the morning about whatever marital people do in the morning. Nobody selling their wares and no mother to ask me “can u take me….today”. Bliss

I really feel like going for a walk down to the beach resort for some breakfast. A full scottish breakfast they promised, as opposed to a full English, I didn’t see the difference except that they had sliced potato on the menu so I am guessing that, that’s what makes it scottish. The main thing is that there is bacon on the menu. My one guilty pleasure, I have so missed that since I got to Ghana. They do sell it at the major supermarkets: maxmart, shoprite, but at 5 times the price, so I have taken myself to eating Waakye on a Saturday morning, which has the double effect of satisfying me the whole day.

One good thing about my mums return (its not all bad) is she bought enough bacon to last for a good few months tho, the only problem is my weekends are such that I don’t get time to even eat it and during the week I leave the house at crazy o’clock so don’t have the time for breakfast.

The night was well, still suffering with my sinus’ so kept waking up in the night, but the power of a stress-free night, I managed to jump out of bed this morning as against the usual dragging myself out of it.

Yesterday evening as we were whiling away time before bed, my mate said that there was rice, stew and chicken do we want to eat. Me and my Senegalese friend said we would eat a little also my mate’s husband said he would eat some. The other couple that came with us said they were ok, fine. We dished our food when the wife of the other couple said they would also eat a little. The plate they dished for themselves, well all I can say is if you are hungry, don’t style it out like you aint. If that plate was just a little it would be interesting to see what it would be like if they were really hungry. They finished the meal and came back for seconds. All I would say is if your hungry, just eat and be free and stop fronting because otherwise you will make the perfect fodder for my blog…lol

Well off for my walk as I promised myself and get myself prepared for the days events.

About efiasworld

A British Born Ghanaian navigating her way through life.
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