another week ends

As I drove back home this evening, a warm night, windows down to catch me a cool breeze and looking at the palm tree silhouettes, I wondered, is this really me. The girl from the East End of London and North of the River Roding, I have made it to just over 3 years in Ghana. Tonight has been a good night.

Tonight as I drove on the traffic free road I remembered what I do love about Ghana. Firstly, I can have a comfortable meal of waakye (rice and beans) with fish and egg and salad for less than 2GHS, I couldn’t even get that full for such a low price from a happy meal from McD’s. Plus I can get rather typsy for the same amount at my local spot.

Tonight I lived the life I have been accustomed to for free, and well I like free. I have to admit, I do like the custom in Ghana that the man gets offended when a woman pays. Don’t get me wrong, if I were in a relationship, or even for a friend, I would do my part. The money I have lent out in the past (and not got back) and the meals I have cooked, could probably buy me a generator and even more, but I no bore as they say. But if I’m going to a place like Rhapsody’s, I will not complain if you pay my bill.

I report to 2 managers. My immediate line manager and the manager of the category. It was my category manager’s birthday on Sunday and to mark the occasion we went out for a few drinks at this bar. Now Rhapsody’s is like a place you would find at the West End, and the prices of the drinks match. Its ok but of course you get the usual wannabees and shouldn’t have bothered, but the food is nice and the place is neat (as much as I love my local, the toilet facilities are not the best). So had me a cocktail. Just the one mind you. Even if it is not my money, I am always mindful of how much I spend, I don’t know if its a london thing but I don’t like to spend frivolously even if its not my money. It was a nice evening until they started talking about religion (I say each to their own, I have my beliefs but I will not force my opinion on others). That’s when I went to the bathroom, lucky enough by the time I came out it was time to go.

After that, I had desert at Appetite bar in East Legon, a nice cocktail bar close to where I live (not sure if I mentioned it, but its a new place owned by an American guy, nice atmosphere, great cocktails). I went there with my workmate Ayo.

Last stop was my local for 2 shots of gin and a shot of lime. A small boy who should be in bed by now was dancing Azonto (new dance, if you don’t know it, please google it).

It’s been a while since I have had a good night out. Must do it more often.

Its nights like these why I remembered why I moved here.

About efiasworld

A British Born Ghanaian navigating her way through life.
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