I bought a guy for 5 GHS

Before I start, I was just thinking this morning, what am I going to blog about, nothing much has happened in the last week. No arguments, nobody’s wife has called me to warn me to stay away from their man. I have spent the last two evenings watching my one tree hill box DVD set so apart from the evening greeting and a few polite words, I am up and in my room before I am asked a question which is bound to get annoyed. Additionaly, I had run out on opinions, life, birth, marriage, children etc.. all the things I have no experience in but like to share my views on them, like I am some kind of expert.

Actually I was talking to a friend of mine yesterday, his mother lives in the Central Region somewhere and he was trying to convince me that his mum was just as bad. So he says, the other day his mum called late in the evening and crying that her tooth has been aching the whole day she doesn’t know what to do. He asked her if she had gone to the dentist, she said no, she had been in bed the whole day. Did she take any pain killer, no. So he says to me ‘what I wanted to say, is am I a dentist, but all I could do was to say sorry and for her to take a painkiller’. That is so something my mum would do. I could feel the frustration in his voice while he was telling me the story, but all I could do was laugh, it’s funny when it’s someone else’s shoes I guess.

Today, another round of blows with my boss. He spent an hour arguing with us about processes, and that when a person is out of office, they need to arrange for someone to do their daily reports for them like ‘say what now’. I spend half the day doing mine, half the day doing theirs and then have to find time to deal with any pending issues (when will I find the time to blog…lol). But anyway, he can blow all the hot air he wants, their are some strong very opinions, slavery was abolished over 200 years ago, and people have become wise enough not to let it happen again. So I had to go get some medication, and due to this senseless conversation about working us like dogs, Kwabena came to get my car and I needed to get some medication. There is a taxi firm which is used by the company for official business, or if people need to go to the hospital (although the boy line manager begs to differ). So I took it on this occasion as I needed the medicine and I needed to go at that moment.

I get back to the office and I explain that I had to go pick up some medicine so I had to take a cab, can he sign the request form. Now the boy line manager asks, why should I take a cab to go get medicine. So I tell him, if I was sick I am allowed to take a cab to the hospital. He says ‘not necessarily’. So I say ‘if I’m sick, you will leave me here to die so as not to dent your budget’ (a touch of melodrama, but when I have the sniffles I am highly emotional). He took offence that I would think that he would leave me to die (this my mouth too, it certainly runs away with itself). He signed the form though after repeating the fact that he was not perfect but wouldn’t leave me to die.

Anyway, I have digressed enough, to the matter I wanted to speak about (it does sort of link to the above).

Every morning I come into my estate and the security guard opens the door and salutes me. The night security, the same. Why? Because once in a while I dash them 5 GHS and some free Nestlé products once in a while (on the rare occasion we get a little somethin, somethin from the company). When we were coming back from the pharmacy this morning, a driver made an illegal U-turn when he was caught by a police man. The police guy put on the facade of a law enforcer, but at the end of the day, he would take his 5 GHS from the driver and the driver would be on his way. In fact, if he was caught again, this same police officer would wave at him.

I gave the taxi driver 5 GHS for his pocket today, he showered me with blessings (it is quite common when you give someone an unexpected tip for them to say God bless you). This week I have been blessed giving out 2 Cedis here and 1 cedi there in various xmas boxes at my local spots and stores.

Buying someone in this place is just as easy as buying Waakye from the roadside, it just depends on whether the price is right. Although, probably not for 5 GHS, even I can be bought (within certain standards of course), if I was given a better job offer (terms and conditions apply, not going for any old job though), I would be out of here without even turning back for a second to see who has missed me.

Human beings are interesting.

Everyone and their price.

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A British Born Ghanaian navigating her way through life.
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