Twas the weekend before christmas

Its Saturday morning. I managed to get a lie in without my mum waking me up to take her somewhere or to do something. Its partly because little sis is here and also because communications have kind of broken down. Yesterday she took my car as usual. I had asked them to bring me my car by 5, they all roll up to my office at 5 but I was at the hospital visiting a colleague who had just given birth. So I said they should go home and let the guy driving bring me my car.

They went and the boy came back at around 6.30 when my dad calls asking why I sent them away. I explained and he got off the phone. I get home and she asks me again, I explain and she says “I thought you were ashamed of us” (the first time, I was in the office until late working on a presentation). That’s when I got mad. Having already explained the situation, she comes out with such a comment. So annoying. That’s when I went off on one, simple instruction. I don’t know what my day will be like and so just go home and bring me my car, if she had stayed and waited too she would have complained that I had kept her waiting and its hot, so go home, I’ll meet you there. I gave her my piece of mind and went to bed.

There are only two times in a day when I can be alone and think of myself, in the morning when I go to work and in the evening on my way back from work and this chick wants to infringe on my quiet time as well (I may sound melodramatic but if you have ever met my mum you would understand). I can see now why my dad was happy to work overtime all these years.

Anyway enough of that its been a few days since my last post so what’s been happening. On Thursday evening we were at Golden Tulip for an all staff meeting and cocktail party afterwards. My category has done well having achieved all their business objectives for the year (the only one out of 7 categories I hasten to add), the message for the year is that we have done well for 2011 now we should rest for 2012, more price increases and more cost cutting. So after the meeting we the locals fed our bellies because that’s the only benefit we would have for another year.

During the party, champagne was flowing, the boys were busting their azonto moves, the head of the Region had a whole harem of ladies around him, he has no rhythm whatsoever but it was a good opportunity for them to ask him about promotions while he was feeling jiggy. Even I had an opportunity to have a little dance with him although for once I kept my mouth shut for once even though the temptation was there to ask about our staff situation. I think I have said this before, two of our guys our going back to their home country. Initially we were allowed one replacement, that day my Nigerian colleague had been begged to stay on for 2 more months (initially 6 but he refused, even the 2 extra his wife is not very happy about). I don’t know what will change in 2 months but we shall see. In our analysis of the situation we concluded that, because we have a back up system whereby there are no gaps in the business if someone is on leave. The business feels that it is not necessary to get a replacement. Our boy child boss and his boss don’t seem to have the authority their predecessors have so we suffer. I have told my boss already that I am not prepared to be penalized for their failures to plan their replacements as they knew 18 months ago that this day will come, so they need to deal with it.

I’m sure my boss is wishing that the day they interviewed me he picked a more passive individual, but being a boss is not all about making sure the business goes well, its about motivating the people else there is no business. I do hope he gets that point before people start resigning for other jobs. I am sure my Nigerian colleague is on the verge of walking out. Contrary to your stereotypical Nigerian, he is very quiet, and a quiet Nigerian in my opinion is a dangerous one. Not in the terrorist sense, but one that if you don’t treat well can just get up one day and say I’m out, without any warning.

Friday morning was a pretty sober affair. No hangovers, no casualties. I think all the other departments had their own issues to deal with so left the party quite early and slept. People were in by 8 unlike last year when people were dragging themselves in at around 10 with a hangover clearly visible.

On the cost cutting issue, I heard my category manager plan activities for a visitor coming in from Vevey. A tour of the central and western region, Cape Coast, Takoradi and then White Sands Beach resort for the day. I didn’t know there was a strong Ideal milk market at this particular beach resort, but what can I say, I am but a mere category planner.

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