A nice evening with the family

Just got back from God daddy’s house. My cousin and the family flew in from Kumasi, the scheduled time was 5.45 but who knew at exactly what time they would arrive, but I got there at 5 and we knew that the flight was not going to arrive on time.

By 5.45 and a half bottle of brandy gone (the final remaining) we had discussed the smother, his wife, marriage, Jones, what a man wants in a wife and what a child doesn’t want to hear from her parents. It was educating and entertaining. Again at times it was too much information but on the whole it was like chatting to my best friend.

At around 8.30 my cousin and her family finally arrived. Of course the plane was delayed and then they were awaiting the driver to bring the car. We chatted for an hour about London, Ghana, seamstresses (all the girlie stuff) and plans for the rest of the holidays. I have to say it was a lot more refreshing than discussing the same issues with the smother, don’t know why. By Friday night the rest of her siblings will come, it will be great catching up, unfortunately though I know little sister will not quite feel the same way so I’m sure I’ll have to wait until the following week once she has gone until we really get to hang out.

Well today. I have to say was a good day. No drama, no issues and I have met a new friend. He lives in the US however and we have only gone as far as texting, but I will keep you posted if things progress.

Well good night, rather tipsy on the hennessy but tomorrow is another day..

Until the next time

About efiasworld

A British Born Ghanaian navigating her way through life.
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