Out of office

Its the first day of my leave and smother has gone to town with little sister. I have had the opportunity this morning to be a bit of a hermit, my intention was to clean my room and finally fix the paper holder in the loo (what a wild life I lead). I’ve ended up watching 90210 on my laptop and taking phonecalls from my colleagues. My out of office says in case of emergencies call me. Today I received a call from the acting team coordinator asking me how many days leave I have remaining and had I updated my leave that I took on 5th December. Like he had 14 days to ask me that, he decides to call me on the 15th day at 7.45am.

The second call I got was from another colleague asking why I sent a report saying his department claims there is a delay on one of our projects. This is the feedback I got from his boss, he could have asked him, but decided to call me at 8.30. You see the mind of a African man. They take their time to do everything. They walk slow, they work slow. Getting information from them is like pulling teeth. However, on the day that you are out of office, they suddenly find a thousand and one questions they forgot to ask.

Today the plan is to relax until lunchtime, had a nice bacon and egg buttie and will have a lunch of banku and tilapia before heading off to see my God daddy. Usually God parents are just a symbolic figure, but I have to admit my God father is the best. When my house got broken into and I called him, his first words were “I’m on my way”. My own dad as much as I love him would tell me his in town and with traffic he won’t be able to make it until such and such time. But God daddy, he’s there. We are like best friends, although sometimes he does fill me in on a bit too much information, I can tell him almost everything. The best times I have had here have been sitting on his porch with a bottle of brandy, putting the world to right. He was my dad’s best friend from school and they have been like brother’s ever since. When I was born my parents were just starting out and the 3 of them were renting a flat in East London, so the bond we have had has been like father and daughter. He has two girls and a boy but always calls me his first born (although still waiting for my allowance). When I think about my blessings, he’s right up there.

His sister’s daughter and her husband are also going over, we all lived in London together and have grown up as cousins, its going to be a fun day I think.

But for now, episode 10 of 90210 for me.

About efiasworld

A British Born Ghanaian navigating her way through life.
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