Time to get a life

34 years ago a baby was born. It was her first child, however when she went to pick up her newborn, the baby would cry “this child doesn’t like me” she said. This is the story of my life.

Part way through season 2 of 90210 when smother comes in and asks for a ride to the salon. Mini smother wants to go and wash her hair. I was half watching the dvd and part dozing, but didn’t react, just got my bag to go out. She comes into the room and says “you need to tidy your room”. Yes I need to tidy my room, but the two containers I was using (haven’t got the wardrobes yet) are being used. One to store excess water and the other as a coffee table (the legs on the old one broke).

She asks me if I had showered. I say I’m doing my bit for the environment. Ok eww, I need to stop being lazy and bath, but wasn’t planning to do much else but laze around and watch the rest of season 2.

I still say nothing and open the door. Mini smother is still not talking to me as I am the worst sister in the world. I open the door and she is the last person to come out. Now I may be being picky now but she has done it every time, she comes out and she leaves the door open. Ok I will have to lock it, but at least shut the friggin door after yourself, unless I have also been employed as an unpaid door person and didn’t get the memo. Her mother does it too. Weird.

They get in the car, I am sure my sister is trying to see how hard she can slam the door to see how strong my windows are. BANG goes the door, she did it last night, I thought she didn’t realize how strong the door is, but now I know she has something against me and all my assets.

We are on the way to the salon when smother says she wants to stop at a furniture store. She gets down, she tells me to get down because of course she is doing me the favour. There was a coffee table for 500GHS, I thought maybe she was looking for furniture for her house but oh no, she turns to me and repeats the price. I have taken a vow of silence so didn’t give her my usual sarcastic comment, I smiled and walked back to the car.

Next stop, the forex bureau. She said the rates at the one opposite the salon was too low. But the driver took her to one last week, do you know the one she asks. Of course, I’m a mind reader I think. I say no. We get to the end of the road and I ask, left or right. She pauses and says right, then as quickly as she says right she then says left, it is a good job that I saw the crazy taxi driver in time else I would have a damaged car to add to the cost of the coffee table.

We find a forex bureau at a little plaza at the junction. They get down and go inside. A few minutes later, they come out, and then disappear again. They proceeded to go to every store in the plaza. I wait, about 10 minutes later they get back and I finally drop them at the hairdressers. Well I should count myself lucky that I didn’t take them to the mall.

2012, I resolve to get out more and meet new people because really there has to be more to life than this.

Tonight is half price drinks night at Appetite Bar and Restaurant, might get myself a cocktail before bedtime, I think I’m getting cabin fever here.

About efiasworld

A British Born Ghanaian navigating her way through life.
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3 Responses to Time to get a life

  1. Peter says:

    You are really funny in wierd Kandashian way. Let me have access to your picture in order to link these words I read to a face!


    • efiasworld says:

      Yeah thanks Peter although not quite sure how to take that exactly…lol


      • Peter says:

        Take it as a sincere compliment. While I hardly know you, your uncompromising and no-nonsense take-it-as-it-is philosophy (deciphered from this wall) appears to me to be rather brash and somewhat snobbish. You need to tone it down just a little. Let’s get in touch via email.


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