It was the day before Christmas

It is the day before Christmas, I will not say I am full of the Christmas spirit but I’m no longer angry and irritated…haa

Yesterday I went to get the Christmas stuff in, drinks, food etc.., threated myself to some rather expensive Salmon fillets but it is worth it. I do love me a bit of Salmon with baby potatoes and seasonal vegetables. *pause for thought*.

The mall was packed, not with shoppers but with tourists and young people just walking around. There was traffic in the supermarket, there was traffic in the bank, there was traffic in the car park. I went into the ecobank later, down to my last cheque and still haven’t found my way to my branch to collect my ATM card. I stand in an extremely long queue for 15 minutes when an announcement was made that the servers are down so deposits only for the meantime. Typical. I go back into the mall and think. Do I go to another branch and come back on Monday morning, do I wait. About 30 minutes later I go back and the server is up and running. So I proceed back into the long queue. There are actually to sections to queue and 4 tellers. Everybody seemed to be in the one long queue and of course the tellers were working at their own speed. The security guard tells me to go to the other queue point. I do and a second later my teller is free. I walk over and I hear a “uh, but why” I don’t look round but present my cheque to the teller. The one next to me was doing something I don’t know exactly what but he didn’t have a customer in front of him, eventually he called the next customer, I sigh a sound of relief as the guy next to me was ready to beat me for queue jumping. 400GHS in 5GHS notes later and I am out of there.

So after I do my shopping which took half the money I withdrew I attempted to get out. The drivers were showing no mercy, everyone was busy trying to get out of the car park and it was like my one car would set them back another 30 minutes or something so nobody would look into my face for me to give them my puppy dog eyes to let them in. That’s when I got a BBM from my Nigerian colleague, he was at Rhapsodys having a beer before going to watch a movie. He asked me if I wanted to join but with the food in the car and dinner plans with my uncle later that evening I couldn’t, but I did join him for a drink and a chat. Just a bitter lemon mind you, we had a good chat. Rhapsody’s was quite empty except for some expats having a meal. I stayed with him until the movie started and then said I may catch up with him later if we go out.

The traffic never died down but someone was kind enough to let me pass and off I went to the A & C to buy the meat smother requested. What a good daughter I am (hehe). I was also hoping to buy an outfit for the Christmas but obviously got there too late, nothing there except fabrics, and way too late to get my seamstress to make me an outfit so headed off home. Got home around 5.30 where my uncle called to meet him at the restaurant at 6.30. Little sister and smother got home shortly after 6 (I am no longer the worst sister in the world so she is not longer mini smother). At 6.22 uncle called to say he had arrived, at 6.22 we were just heading out the door. Unfortunately we didn’t bank on the rush hour traffic. I assumed the last working day before Christmas people would have left early, they probably did and stopped off for a drink, but they all decided to come home at the same time. What should have been a 10 minute drive turned into a half hour. The reason being the intersection, there clearly needs to be a traffic light there but instead people are trying to turn in while others are trying to turn right, the traffic gets jammed and nobody ends up going anywhere. But that’s Accra driving for you.

We finally get to the restaurant where we see Uncle waiting at the junction for us. We hug and apologise and gripe about the traffic and then head on in. Noble House in East Legon. I’m kind of over chinese food but this was good. My stomach was full but still kept on going. Fish stuffed with shrimps, pork tapai and fried rice, the food was good, service was excellent. Definitely recommend this restaurant. They do Indian food too so will try that out next time.

After dinner we were supposed to meet my cousin out in town. Little sister was very eager to meet him as it would be the only time before she goes back. He was getting very drunk somewhere in East Legon. He had told me earlier that he would not be going out to the restaurant, I said good as he wasn’t invited and then he bore but it was all in jest. We were supposed to meet up later but as I said he was far away getting drunk and dancing Azonto. Paa Kojo called that we should meet up at Famphy and take it from there. I warned little sis that we were going to a place where although there were toilets, not the most hygienic, so that she was prepared. Today, no plush bars, we were going into the real Accra. Smother said we should stay at home but lil sis really wanted to spend time with her brother.

We got there made the introductions and it all went down from there. I don’t know if it was some strange sexual chemistry or they really didn’t like each other but well I was entertained. First of all lil sis speaks very Cockney and he was speaking pigeon, neither could understand each other. Then she would tell me to translate and he would take that as an insult on his ability to comprehend the english language. Then she inadvertently called a mutual friend of ours stupid. This friend is a fool but highly intelligent. Paa was making conversation and asking questions, she was being cagey and stand offish, she could see that he was starting to get frustrated by this and so she did it more.

I called my cousin he said he was about to leave for Jerry’s. So I said we will meet there. Paa asked lil sis what she wanted to drink, she asked for a vodka, lemonade with a splash of lime (her first order was a vodka and cranberry juice). I laughed. This was a place where the most upmarket drink was a star beer or some local gin and lime. We settled on a vodka with half tot of lime and sprite. Lil sis used to drink at uni but one day while slamming back tequila shots her body rejected it. Well of course if you are knocking back shots at some point you will have to stop. They continued to bicker like my mum and dad. I kept calling my cousin to hurry up and get his arse down.

Earlier in the day there was a loud bang coming from my bang like a fire work cracker. I went for a walk during the middle of their bicker and realized it was not a firework but my lighter. The single I had kept in my bag had also broke in half. God’s way of telling me to quit.

My cousin finally arrived and the conversations got lighter, now she looked like she was enjoying herself a bit.

At 1 o’clock we head home. I’m sure Paa will never want that experience again. If this was Melrose Place I’m sure that they would have ended up in bed together but this is real life and they never want to see each other again.

I am now at my spot waiting for my car to be washed, the hamattan dust has covered the car and someone who shall not be named wrote “wash me” on the car so here I am. Some guy has walked by with a goat on a lead as if he is walking his dog. Another guy is walking behind him with two rather large knife while the lady at the kiosk has got the stove on. It’s nearly enough to make me go vegetarian.

I am off to a barbecue then onto God Daddy’s house for a small reunion. My aunt’s children (I say children but they are all older than me), are here from London. He hasn’t said it but he wants to introduce them all to his girlfriend. As I said, God daddy and my father were friends since school. The story goes that uncle’s parents died when he was young. At school he was so poor he didn’t have a pair of shoes. My dad came from quite an affluent home and one day he gave uncle his shoes. They have been like brothers ever since. Not quite brokeback but they have got this bond that nobody has been able to pull apart even their own siblings come secondary to the two of them. Which is why I was the first to meet her. I’ve been told to keep it to myself, so I am telling all of y’all because well I am just really bad at keeping things to myself (you think). Should be a fun night. Another friend is having a party, a muslim guy holding a christmas party, would have love to have gone, but think my day is well and truly stocked up. Have a good friend down from London (a lot of them here this year). Would have loved to have seen him, but hopefully I’ll get to do that soon.

Well off to shower and make a move.

Merry Christmas everyone. I hope its a peaceful and blessed one x

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