A night of Champagne and Rhapsodys

I’ve not been out much this year, I mean really gone out to a place that has decent facilities and had a boogie. Then the London invasion started, and I have been out almost every night.

I rolled with DJ Cartel once again. Last night was Rhapsodys, a bar/restaurant in the Accra Mall which turns into a club on the weekend. Last night was a black dress event. In Ghana, if you were all black it is assumed that somebody has died, but I dressed in my little black dress all the same.

Once again, as I was with the DJ, it was free, we also had a reserved table with 2 bottles of Moet, I would like to say that I am so down to earth that I felt uncomfortable but that would be a lie. If I could live that life always I wouldn’t have an issue with it.

All my cousins were out last night, it was a real family reunion. I came with the guys as I said, a little while later the ladies entered, as they entered so did Giles. After his little temper tantrum the other day I didn’t quite know how he would take to me but he said hello and gave me a hug.

The night started off slow. The first DJ was playing some off key London beats, I have never been a fan of house music so drank my champagne and went for a stroll. That’s when I bumped into Gideon. I met him one evening when I was waiting for a friend at East Legon. We met up once, didn’t see him again. We chatted for a while. While we we’re talking it occured to me that I was towering over him. Ok I was wearing heels which gave me the extra lift but he is really short. Now I don’t have anything against short men, but at 5″3, I’m tiny and he must be about 5″2 and that’s being generous. What hope would any future children have if it were to happen (and I wonder why I’m still single…lol). That didn’t stop me from taking a long island iced tea off him.

I went back to the table, and had a boogie with the family, cousin was on point with the tunes, a mix of new and old school hip-hop and R & B, I did manage to shake off the alcohol that had now entered into the system (it wasn’t that much, honest). After my cousins set the next DJ started playing the Azonto beats. By this time the place was packed. Our seating area was also full of boys and girls doing Lord knows what, I had little room to shake my booty. I heard the reserved seating area cost $1000. For that amount of money you would think the bouncer at the foot of the area would clear the area so that it was only the people who were seated that could occupy the space, but he was just there for show. Then the guys. So brazen. One of my cousins was with her husband. He was sitting and she was standing next to him dancing. This guy comes out of nowhere and attempts to pull her up to dance. That’s when husbee told him rather politely I would say to get his hands of his wife. His friend then started pulling at me. A bit roughly I must add, what happened to the days when guys would ask a girl if she wanted to dance.

Another walk, this time I bumped into Harry. He’s the 27 year old with the three year plan. Very cute, but in 3 years I am going to be pushing closer to 40 when he will be barely 30. We chatted for a while and joked around, before I went back to my table once again. I got there and the girls were gone as they were too tired. My cousins wanted to go onto somewhere else but decided to stay a while, which was good for me as I really was only fit to drive home and not into town.

I was dancing away when my other cousin called, him, our other cousin and some girl wanted to come in. Giles bless him managed to negotiate that they only pay for one person (and well it was 3 by then anyway). This was turning out to be a real family event.

At around 3.30 Cartel said that he was going to another club with a friend so we said our goodbyes. I boogied away with the other family members until about 4.30 when tiredness took over and I checked out myself.

For some reason I was up at 8.30, I can’t believe it, only a slight headache but no major hangover (really, do I wonder why I’m still single). I have come out to get my car washed. Giving it the works, inside and out, it’s really hot today and I can feel the beads of sweat running down my back. I will have to give myself a full inside and out detox also me thinks.

Yet another interesting night very different to my usually boring existence.

About efiasworld

A British Born Ghanaian navigating her way through life.
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