Bringing in the New Year

Ok, so it was my intention to stay indoors until I got over this crappy malaria so that by 31st I would be fit enough to bring in the new year. Well you know what they say about the best laid plans.

The day started off very well. To cheer myself up I went to the hairsalon, decided to go for a long weave this time make me look more feminine, had a pedicure too. I am not one of those precious types that goes for a mani-pedi every week, but when it needs to be done I do go. My feet were looking kind of busted like I had walked from Accra to Kumasi, it was time to get it sorted out.

I finished around midday so went to my cousin Sister D, as I had promised her that I would come over since she got here. I got there and she and my other cousins were getting ready to go for a day trip to Ada. They asked me if I wanted to go with them but 1. I wasn’t dressed for a day out, 2. I wasn’t feeling the best and 3. It would mean me driving and well I hate driving, even within Accra is a chore let alone long distance. I said I would meet up with them later and took myself home. I got home to an empty house, great, I could get some sleep in. I didn’t actually fall into a slumber but was able to relax. Then Jeff (london guy) text me to see how I am. I told him I wasn’t well, he told me to relax and drink plenty of water. Text messages went back and forth (I need to ask him if he is on bb or whatsapp cos I’m sure the bill will be fat this month). We discussed long distance relationships and whether they work. He is more optimistic on that point than I am but we shall see. For now we need to go on a first date, that would help. We may meet up for coffee or something today, I’ll let you know how it goes if it happens.

At around 7 I think we ended our text flirting and then smother called. She was at my aunts house and she wanted to get picked up. I don’t know how she got there or why she stayed there so long, but no, I had to go and pick her up. The plan was to pick her up and take her home, she didn’t bank on me having to take cousin DJ to the airport. As my car has working A-C, he asked me to take him. I said it will be fine if his auntie was ok with it. So he asked and she didn’t refuse. Yes DJ Cartel has finally left the building. My days of following him into the club and drinking champagne for free, although I’m sad, guess my liver is happy (although bro D is still around details to follow).

We came back from the airport around 10, the traffic into the airport was bad as mad drivers tried to scramble to get into the car park. I will say very little today about driving in Ghana as you already know my thoughts on that matter.

When I finally took the old lady home she was very tired. Having been at auntie’s house the whole day, and with auntie being the senior smother, I gather it must of been a battle of who can shout the loudest. Quite funny hearing my mum complaining to my uncle today that my aunt bitches to much, I guess someone little person will say the same about me one day.

So at 11 bro D says that there is a school reunion at Zanzibar in labone somewhere. I say cool, as long as someone can give directions, although the parasites were still in my blood, I was determined to take one for the team.

We got there and my cousins were greeted by old friends, boyfriends, girlfriends. I was a bit of a fish out of water since I did not go to school here hence knew nobody, but I got a brief history on who everybody was. We went inside the dancing area where they were playing 80s music (well before my Although the faces had aged, it did feel a bit like I had been transported back in time. The cool boys all huddled up in the corner just bopping their heads. The girls, dancing around their handbags, one sweet boy wining a girl. It doesn’t matter the time or the place, school dances will always be the same.

Giles was there, he was the DJ for the night. He came up to me and gave me a hug, I tried to keep cool (so high school). After my last blog he did actually call and we did meet up, but just as he gave me that bone he took it away just as quickly as I did not hear from him again until I saw him that night (very high school). I don’t know what it is about him. He’s not my type, I usually go for the sweet boy well groomed type, tall and chocolate dark. He’s fair, locksed his hair, not overweight but has a pot belly and arrogant. But he has that swagger, that air of confidence that makes my heart skip a beat. The same way G made me go weak in the knees even though the rest of me was telling me to run in the opposite direction (again, I wonder ehy I’m still single).

It was getting quite hot and so I went to sit by sister D outside. There I met her old friend Maxwell. First class player, telling me that I’m gorgeous like I was meant to swoon. I was my usual polite self, listen to all the lyrics. I found out later that he was about to be married.

Then there was Jeff2. He gave me the lyrics, he likes me, would like to get to know me, blah. He asked for my number, I ask if he is married. Well, he says, I am separated and going through a divorce. How many children I ask, he tells me 4. Next.

Then there was Terrence, he is actually Giles’ friend and actually the first time I met him was on the first date with Giles when he came to meet him. I could feel him staring at me the whole night, but tried to shake it off. As he was leaving he asked for my number, I said I will take his (politeness will kill me).

We left the party at Zanzibar at around 3 en route to Firefly in Osu. When we got there we were told the club was closed although people were bopping away. I don’t know why we hung around for as long as we did but I get the feeling that the bouncers were a bit power drunk. They opened the door to let 10 people in. Some boys who had arrived after us then rushed past in front of the queue and inside (chivalry is apparently dead and buried it seems).

We left a few seconds later for Reggie Rockstone’s Office near the Police Headquarters. The guys there were either way to young or way to old and I was kind of tired, but my 40 year old cousin was up and had energy to burn so I waited. At about 4.30am we made our way home. I got home just as my alarm went off at 5 (although I am on leave I still leave my alarm set to 5 so that my pattern is not disturbed when I do go back to work).

Amazingly enough, by 8.30am I was up, although I didn’t really get out of my pit until 3, I was wide awake enough to watch my 90210 (I am up to season 3), I also had a little text flirt with Jeff1 and spoke to my friend Ayo.

At around 3.30 I decided to call Giles to see how he was, he said he was in the bank. Either that is a really long queue in the bank or he’s not that bothered about me to return my calls. Either way, I’ve deleted his number from my phone. I really can’t go into 2012 repeating the same mistakes I have with men as I did in 2011, 2010, 2009… Swagger or no swagger, he is either into me or he is not, at the moment it is tending towards not so I might as well cut my losses now.

So I’m back at bro D’s. We were supposed to go to a barbecue but he has no intention of going to that having not showered. So watching a really bland (for me anyway) football match and seeing what the next move is. I have Paa Koko driving. I do get a bit afraid of his driving skills especially when he’s on the phone, but I pray that we get to our destination with my car intact (he’ll kill me when he reads this…lol).

So until the next time x

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