24 hours to 2012…a comedy of errors

4 hours sleep the night before, 4 hours sleep tonight (or rather this morning). It’s hot and I can’t sleep even if I could. Smother came into my room this morning to give me a lecture. What kind of man do I expect to find in a club. She sat at the end of the bed and continued to go on and on until I was eventually forced to tell her to get out. So not what I needed to hear so early in the morning. I hardly go out, and I never go out until the early hours of the morning, however I don’t see my cousins everyday and they are only here for a short visit so I am just making the most of it. She has been complaining that I am always miserable, I go out and have fun and she complains that I go out too much. I can’t win.

After she left my room, she came back a while later and tells me not to put our conversation on facebook as I put everything on there. Ok so I make a lot of comments but mostly its things that would generate a laugh. Furthermore I wasn’t actually listening to what she said to warrant it necessary for a post. Anyway, it was obvious that I wasn’t going to get anymore sleep so I have come out to wash my car and taking my breakfast which consists of lucozade and 2 sticks of kingsize. This leads me to new years resolution 4 (or 5 can’t remember which), I’m going to quit. Maybe. Hopefully. Its going to be difficult with her around but I will seriously try.

Yesterday I was told to get ready for the barbecue. Got ready and met Paa kojo and got to bro D’s around 6, that’s when D tells me there is a change of plan and that we were not going again. We were to meet his sisters later that night at Citizen Kofi in Osu where they were holding the Motown School class of 1978 reunion party. 1978 I was a year old and my big sister was graduating from high school, amazing.

We got to Citizen Kofi at around 10, 40 somethings were bopping to 80s music. Some of them had aged well, others not so well. My big sister J at 47 definitely belongs to the former category. It’s like at 30 she stopped ageing, and as for sister D, well if Peter Pan had a sister it would be her, legs longer than my whole body and a svelte size 8 she even makes me envious.

We were about to go to another club. when we noticed that Bro D had disappeared. This is the same guy who says that I do a vanishing act. We found out later that he was in a bar around the corner. We picked him up about 30 minutes later after he had finished his drink and chatted up whichever girl he had caught and then it was off to Silverstar tower where Joy FM were holding a 90s jam. My back tire had gone down so we first went to the filling station to pump my tyre. Some old dude put the air in my tyre, I got out to check. I heard this wheezing sound coming from the tyre, then BANG! It wasn’t a gun shot but rather my tyre just burst. That’s all I needed. Old dude had over inflated the flipping tyre. Luckily I had a spare in the boot so a younger dude changed the tyre and we went on our way. Which reminds me, need to get a spare tyre and a Jack, its a good job they had one other I would have been buggered.

Sister D’s friend got us into the silverstar bash for free. We went up to the rooftop where there were a lot of local boys and girls dancing to 90s hip hop. The place was packed although there was space to dance, but it was just too hot. We decided to go on to Golden Tulip a little while later as at least they would have A-C.

We got to Tulip and some guy managed to get us ladies in for free. The guys would have had to pay so they told us to go on and see what it was like first. We went in, walked around. Too many oldies. We came back out. Off to Tantra.

I got into the car when I must have sat awkwardly on my dress, that’s when I heard a snap. My dress strap had broke and I was too far away from home to go and change. So I had to improvise by tucking in the broken strap into the dress so it looked like it was a one strapped dress. It worked out, although it was with a prayer that my 32E’s didn’t pop out.

We got to Tantra and I was starving. I went to buy a burger when a good samaritan said I should have it on him. I live my life in such a way that whether your the cleaner or the MD I will give you the respect that is due you. This good samaritan was one of the messenger guys at MTN. We hit it off while I was there, a very nice guy, and although we lost contact he remembered me instantly when he saw me at Tantra the previous time I was there. He is a bouncer at the club (free hook up into the club). It doesn’t cost a thing to be nice to people, but some people especially here are so bothered by status that they treat those below them like dirt. But you never know when that person may be the one you need help from one day.

I was sitting out eating my burger when Giles walks by. He didn’t say hi, neither did I. He was arguing with the bouncers about something. I walked over to say thank you to Sammy for the burger, he looked at me and then went inside.

After I had my burger I went in to have a boogie. Tantra was packed but there was space outside in the seating area. The family were seated outside so I went to join them. I got chatting to Kwame who is a friend of bro D, cute guy although in my heels I came up slightly taller than him. Although I have a phobia for short men (the whole midget kids thing and short tempers), I think I may have to overcome this. We exchanged numbers and bb pins in any event.

My eye caught Giles who was cozied up to some girl. Personally without running the risk of sounding bitter, I don’t think she was all that but each to their own. He could have had steak, but decided to go for a roadside burger. His choice. Once in a while our eyes would meet, but he looked like he was set for the night with the girl. I did say hello to him earlier when I was with sister D, but other than that, we had very little interaction. I spent most of the night chatting to Kwame. I also got chatting to a lebanese guy called Gerald who I had asked for a light from (lost my lighter again). He has a restaurant in Takoradi and wants to set up something in Accra. I like trying out new places like that especially if we’re doing a Nestle dinner, so I took his contact.

He asked me if I had a boyfriend. I told him I thought I did but I guess not as he is cuddled up to another girl right now. Gerald said that he is not a wise man and if he had a lady like me he would not look anywhere else (Lebanese man get lyrics). He then told me about his girlfriend in Takoradi, I think he said they broke up, his ex-wife and kids back home. He then asked me if I would come and meet him in his hotel room the next day. Easy mate I’m thinking, we’ve only just met. I didn’t say anything except that I had to go and I would call him. Paa Kojo had passed out in the seating area so took that as a cue to leave. We got up to leave, however bro D was not ready to leave. Paa K got up to sit in the car and we were about to leave D when the Azonto tunes started (see my facebook for pics). That set me off. Me and this random guy started competing. Great fun.

They started playing house music and I took my cue to leave. Sister D and I went to say goodbye to Giles. He asked me if I was tired, before I could respond he said “you young ones are tired and we the oldies are still going strong”, I told him I was not tired but I just didn’t like the scenery. Harsh he said. Goodbye. I knew it would end up like this, he’s a DJ with a high sex drive after all, but I was really beginning to like him. If I said it didn’t hurt I would be lying and this is not the first time its happened, Mo did it to me last year at Champs. Sucked face right in front of me even though a few days before he was with me. But oh well, I’ll get over it.

We dropped the family off and Paa K dropped himself home. Then I had to find my way home with no direction at all. First I went in the wrong direction and then I missed my junction. Finally got home at 6. Four hours later smother is giving me a lecture about going out too much and how will I find a husband in a club. Well I will not find him sitting at home either but at least I had fun.

So now car is washed. Time to get ready for Aunties 71st birthday party and then look out for what’s happening tonight. I will try and make church as well considering I didn’t go Christmas day.

Hoping to meet up with my girl Ama from London, one thing about being here is that I see more of my relatives and friends than when in London.

Apart from the broken heart 2011 didn’t end too badly. It’s been eventful, its been stressful but it’s also been fun. It can only get better in 2012.

Wishing you all a great one, have fun, be safe and see you on the other side x

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A British Born Ghanaian navigating her way through life.
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