the afternoon after the night before

At 4pm today, the lights had gone out which forced me to wake up otherwise I would have still been sleeping under the cool aircondition (I had been sleeping on and off). This morning I arrived home at 5.45. The body count has decreased to just 3, me sister D and Rene, the others have gone back to London and we vowed that last night would be the last as the body really needs the rest.

Last night, D told me to be at hers for 10, knowing that she is never on time, I started getting ready at 10 in the hopes that maybe by the time I collect her she would be at least half way ready. I really wasn’t in the mood to go out though, after nearly a whole week of getting home in the early hours of the morning and then only sleeping for a few hours, I was in need of a good night’s sleep but I took one for the team. My eyes however could not tell a lie. It took me almost half an hour to get my contact lenses, at one point my left eye spat out the lens where I then had a hard time looking for the stupid thing. Eventually I found it scrunched up on top of my jewellery box so put it in the solution and made a last ditched attempt to get that thing in. I succeeded, hooray. Put on my make up and was about to call D when she called to say she had just woken up but was getting ready. If I had sat back down to wait I probably would have fallen asleep so went round there anyway.

I had ping’d Paa Kojo to see if he wanted to come out but he didn’t mind me, I guess he was tired. I called Kwame to see if he wouldn’t mind taking us so that I could park my car, he said he would meet me there as his car would be full and he was held up at his cousins. I bet if I had said to come out for a bit of slap and tickle he would have come over without any excuse. Men.

Grimm called earlier on in the day (remember him). He said he was in Accra. He wanted to come and see me. I told him that I wasn’t at home. He then asked if my mum was still here and I said yes. He then said “does that mean I can’t spend the night with you”. I’m thinking what is this guy on. Does this idiot not know what he put me through and he is that arrogant he thinks he can just walk back in and I am so desperate and lonely that I would let him back in. I’d rather service myself. I told him that I have someone who I spend my nights with. He said eii saa, quite surprised. Aboa, he should keep to his size.

I got there at close to 11 and my girl was doing something but had not gone into the shower, I waited patiently as she was faffing around and finally made her way to the shower. Rene was coming over, she moved into an apartment around the corner as the room she was in was being rented out, but got herself sorted out in a nice penthouse apartment in the airport residential area at no cost. I don’t know how these my sisters do it, they need to leave their magic behind when they go back. I was given the seal of approval for my make up by my sisters, I’ve been told that I must always look on point even when I am taking out the trash (i.e be more glamorous) if I’m going to bag a man this 2012 so grateful for the validation.

Luckily Rene had showered before she got to the house so she just needed to change and put her face on, I say that you know with women, having a shower is just a quarter of the battle. Almost two hours after I arrived we were on the road to Bella Roma. D’s friend Michael got us in for free, now don’t get me wrong for what I’m about to say. We women we work, pay our bills and can buy our own drinks, but the African man normally is still a bit of a cave man and has to be seen as the one who wears the trousers. Michael to me was an opportunist.

Michael is a divorced father of two and D’s first ever boyfriend. He lived in England for a long time and came back to Ghana 7/8 years ago, he claims to be doing something in Media and also fashion. He definitely hasn’t got over his first love, however he looks to me like a 40 something mama’s boy.

We were seated in the club and Michael says that he was waiting for his and D’s friend David to arrive before we ordered the drinks. I assume he was waiting for David to pay for the drinks. Eventually D bought us a drink and got this Michael fella a bottle of beer too. The club wasn’t too packed, I’m sure it was because people were either tired from the previous nights or too tired from the beach party that was held that day, but it was a laugh all the same. My sister Rene cracks me up the most, if you recall I told you about the white guy who danced Azonto, well he may just have stolen the dancing gene from my sis. It was great to see her shaking her thing though.

I got a message also from Mo (I was a very popular girl yesterday). He went to Tiwala beach and was on his way home. He felt that I should be lying by his side. There was no way I was going to drive down to Tema. He’s a funny guy and I am glad we are still friends but Mo’s first and last love is his ego and even if Jeff hadn’t happened I can’t do the Mo cycle again, if he needs to get laid that badly there are plenty of girls who would jump on the British but I’m over it.

Kwame was there with his cousin and friend, he invited me over to where he was seated for a glass of champagne. Of course I took it, I no dey slack on alcohol…lol.

Bro D asked Kwame to look after me, as sister D said, it is like asking a fox to guard a chicken coup. Kwame said to me that my attitude had changed since the night before. Obviously it would change when I found out he was a husband and father of two. He said that it is not his fault that I came into his life so late. That is true but the fact is that he has responsibilities. Like I’m attracted to Taye Diggs but I’m not about to hunt him down and jump his bones. He was trying to justify why we should embark on some sort of affair when D came over (the sniff of champagne always does it…lol). They started chatting and I went off for a smoke.

I came back in a little while later when the lights came on, it was chucking out time. Kwame said he would walk me to the car where he told me that my cousin told him to look after me and I will not let him. I told him that I don’t think he meant it in the way Kwame is interpreted it. He said he understood that I want to get married and stuff but he can’t help it. What is it with men especially my country man. In our Grandfathers time they married several and the women had an understanding. I think those times were better, at least the women got their dowry’s. Today’s man will marry one and then take several girls, yes you can get some girls who have that understanding not sure if the wife has though. For me, I just feel insulted that this guy went and paid for a cow (not in the literal sense) but wants to get my milk for free. Is that all my worth?

Well anyway we said our goodbye’s and then we went to look for food. As Michael was tagging along, I gave him the key to drive. I was too tired and didn’t feel like driving around Accra and well if he was going to leech of my sister he might as well work for it. We sat in the car and this girl who claimed she was his cousin joined her. We later found out she was this Nigerian lady who was renting out the room of his mum’s house.

We went to a couple of places around Osu but at 3.30 everywhere was closed. The last place we went to, they wouldn’t allow the Nigerian girl in, she claims it is because she helped out a girl who collapsed and the owner got angry. It didn’t make sense to me but alright. We got to circle and I remembered that Vienna City should be open. We got there and thank the lord it was open, I ordered a cheesburger and chips and so did Michael, Rene ordered a burger and chips. D wanted some fried yams so while we were waiting for the meal Michael went out to try and get some with her. The Nigerian girl was hovering around somewhere so me and Rene had a chance to dissect the night. We both came to the same conclusion.

You see D is very outspoken but at the same time if she likes somebody she likes them unconditionally. With Michael, she wasn’t looking to go anywhere with him as she is happily married, so she is not looking to be impressed by him and a good job as well. As I said nice guy, but pockets are dry. I’m not saying you need money for me, but for yourself. She gave me a 20 for our burgers just in case we had to sponsor our own burgers.

D came in a while later, there were no fried yams to be found so she settled on chicken and chips. After I had finished eating I went to the washroom. As I came out I was approached by a guy with a gold tooth. I can’t tell you what he looked like as I was so mesmerised by the shiny gold that was blinging at me. He lived in london innit (his words not mine). He was in Ghana promoting a show innit. He lived in West Legon still. He was gonna be in Ghana until February innit but he would spend a lot of his time in Kumasi still. Ghanaian Londoners and their quaint use of the English language. I had to say goodbye to him rather quickly as I was counting in my head the amount of times this guy would say “innit” or “still” and was about to roll on the floor laughing.

I went back to the table and the guys were about finishing. The bill came and D went into her bag while Michael made no attempt to fish out money for his own burger. I put the 20 down and D put down 20 it was remaining 1. I checked my purse and looked for a small note. It’s alright Michael said, D has put 5 down so we’ll get change. Man didn’t have even 1ghs to his name, amazing.

After we finished, D wanted to go to Office to meet up with her friends. The Nigerian girl was still hovering (she’s a performer she said, she didn’t elaborate on what kind, from her look I would say the type that dances around pole). She said to us she was going to Osu but she heard we were going in the opposite direction. Rene a bit slow bless says we’re going to airport, D kicked her and then jumped in and said we were going somewhere else first. I’m sure the girl got the drift as the two ladies unintentionally made it obvious that we were trying to get rid of her. But not perturbed the chick was still looking for a ride and said, “I’m the only Nigerian and you are going to leave me here”. A second silence and then we said ok bye, take care. That statement did not warrant a response, like it was we who bought her out for the night. Nonsense.

We got to office, I was tired and not impressed, they were about closing and there were small girls and boys just hanging around. I went in there for a bit, Michael handed me my keys as he had a ride home, life made easier for me. After hanging around a bit I went and sat in the car as I was shattered. About 20 minutes the ladies finally came out and we went home.

Another eventful night, but today was all about resting. I was going to see my friend Reggie today but quite honestly I want to sleep during the night for the first night in a long time.

All quiet on the western front today. We shall see what tomorrow has in store.

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  1. Tony says:

    Totally entertaining…… Micheal no force koraaa I shy give am


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