sometimes living in Ghana can be so sweet

A busy morning, smother is not happy with me as the house needs to be tidied up but I chose to go out instead. Its a state I know but I have been out almost everyday apart from the one day when the body was on lockdown and honestly I didn’t have the energy to do anything but sleep.

I promised Rene and D I would take them to Osu. It’s there last few days here and they didn’t have a car. At the same time I know them. They would have me driving around the whole of Accra so I made my excuse that I had to leave around 3, that way I could at least tidy up my room if I get the urge to go out again. I have been promising Ams that I would meet up with her and I have to make sure I do before another new year comes around again.

I got to D’s around 10.30 just as I said I would. Rene was more or less ready (apart from having to have her breakfast and cup a tea). As usual D was not ready. So we ended up getting to Osu at around midday.

We first went to this jewellery lady’s store, I think Rene owed her money, they were there chatting and everything when D said she needs to take her daughter to get her hair done. We didn’t leave until 2 hours later when D had faffed around over some money she needed to change to pay for her accommodation.

We then tried to contact Giles, he owes my other cousin money for the DJ’ing he did at one of the clubs. As usual he was not picking up, probably thinks I want his body or something (really I wanted him despite of his body), but oh well, I hope D gets her money. My cousin had promised my aunt and uncle half of that money and they really are relying on that. But I digress.

At 2 I had to make a move. I was supposed to take Rene to see her friend but as she was late and he was teaching she had to meet him at 4, so she said she would wait at the salon. I got in my car and onto the Oxford Street. Already the traffic was mounting up and only the good Lord would know what time I got to East Legon so thought I might as well get me a KFC. The traffic was mad so I thought I might as well park at the jewellery store plus I hadn’t given myself a christmas treat so would look inside. 90ghs later I got myself a nice sterling silver bracelet which would only come out on special occasions, preferably my wedding

While they were polishing it I walked down to the KFC it wasn’t that far down the road and it would be easier for me to get out of town from the jewellery store. I was walking down when this guy selling necklaces says psst. I put on my stern face and waved my hand. That’s when he said those 3 magic words ‘it is free’. A smile suddenly appeared on my face and I stopped. He said he was selling at a buy one get one free but he liked my style and just wanted to dash me one. I repeated “free” he said yes and he let me pick out one. I thought that was so nice. I took down his number, will definitely look for him again (unfortunately after the bracelet I only had enough for food). What a nice guy. His name is Calabash and based outside and around the Woodin shop, I have this nice beaded necklace and if I can figure out how to upload pictures I will post it.

Sometimes, one person in one day can restore your faith in mankind. Today was that day for me.

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A British Born Ghanaian navigating her way through life.
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