Jerrys vs Bella

Had to take smother to my aunt this morning. I had to go and collect some things that my cousins had left at the apartment they were staying in and she says could I drop her. We get to the gate and she says I should wait so that she could find out whether she was there first. Like hello, isn’t that why the phone was invented, so if she wasn’t there I would have to go back in the opposite direction to town before I could do my runnings. Thankfully God loves me, she was in and I was able to go on my way.

I got in at in at 4am this morning, it was a lovely drive home as there was a total of 4 cars on the road. In a few hours the road would be choked with cars, taxi’s and tro-tros hustling to find some space in the road, but I would be in the comfort of my own bed, and I would leave at a strategically traffic-free time collect the things and come back in time to finish up on my lost sleep.

Last night I met up with Ams and her friend Georgia. During out school days I was quite close to Ams because of our family connection. I didn’t know Georgia that well but was in the same year as her brother so knew of her. To be honest she used to scare me some what. I have always been vertically challenged and there was this tall girl with a reputation of being able to give even a guy a beat-down if looked at the wrong way. Now here we were in Ghana, sitting down at a jazz club enjoying drinks and swapping war stories on our experiences in Ghana. What a difference 15 odd years makes.

We started out at +233 Jazz and Grill club. There was a live band playing and this beautiful lady probably in her mid 50s with the most soulful voice singing old time hi-life, reggae and funk. It was such a chilled and relaxing environment, totally Azonto free, a very nice way to unwind.

When the first band closed another one set up, they were more instrumental and a bit too chilled that we were starting to doze off. Just before we were leaving the waiter came over to tell Ams that a guy seated outside liked her. We were told he was a doctor but later the guy told me he was a pilot. A short stumpy guy, he said he was too shy to come and talk to her, fare enough, he could at least bought her a drink. Instead he used the waiter as a go between (waiter guy was very frustrated at having to pass on messages every two seconds), and finally mustered up the courage to speak to Ams as we were walking towards the car. By that time Ams was totally unimpressed and blew him out.

It was about 1 when we left and I was feeling peckish. At 4ghs for a stick of kebab at +233 my pocket would have been in the negative if I bought one so headed off to Tantra to see if the burger guy was around (the burgers are heavenly). Unfortunately the place was quiet and the burger guy either had left early or didn’t turn up at all so we went to Bella Roma. It was their first time there and we were out anyway so thought if I’m going to be hungry at least let me have a boogie to forget the pains.

We were greeted at the door by a rather unsavoury character. He said it was 20ghs each but we should pay for two. We were trying to negotiate down for 10ghs each but the man wasn’t having it. He was the kind of person that if he smiled maybe his face would crack, my man just wouldn’t budge and my charm was just lost on him. Then one of the girls made mention that he just wanted to pocket some of the money. The guy went ballistic, had to work some magic to get him to calm down and not revoke his original offer. We paid the 40 and went in because one more wrong thing said and we would be banned for life.

There was a lot of people at Bella, most of them Londonites and Dada B’s. Saw a few of D’s friends and the guys we met at the apartment complex. Lots of ladies with big err hair and girls who were clearly a size 14 squeezed into size 10 dresses. Now I’ve been heavy and I’ve been skinny, I’m now an average sized girl, I am at no liberty to speak about big girls, God didn’t make us such that we were all meant to be the same size. All I am saying, wear what suits your figure. Just because the outfit looks good on a mannequin it is not necessarily going to look good on you. It doesn’t mean you have to wear a booboo but a lady looks sexier when the outfit flatters her figure at whatever size but when the body is pouring out and screaming to be let free, it is just wrong on so many levels. But who am I to judge, whatever floats your boat.

The Azonto beats were booming and everyone were busting their moves, MTV has now been replaced by GHone it seems. As usual I was getting my full flow of entertainment. There was this one girl who reinforced the view that not all black folk have rhythmn. She was (not) moving to the beat and to make matters worse she looked like she was doing an audition to Ghana’s version of Strictly come dancing.

Without running the risk of sounding like Diane Abbott, I am not generalizing, just describing the scene. There was also this white girl, obviously drunk as a skunk gliding round the room like she had taken LSD. At one point she started jirrating towards Ams, that’s when Ams decided to sit it out. The white girl then stood still for a second wondering how to style it out, poor girl, that may work for you in certain clubs but she needed to realize this was oxford street osu and not W1.

I went out to sit down for a while and catch some air, where I was seated there was this group of young boys and girls dancing, smoking and drinking. It got me thinking. Ok so Jerry’s is a bit local but what really is the difference. People say the calibre of people are different however, are they really so different. The drinks are more expensive, the guys were in trousers as opposed to heels. It was in a club as opposed to being outside by the roadside. However the intention of the guy dry humping the girl is the same. Whereas the guy would spend money on a couple of shots of brandy as opposed to kasapreko and lime, he is still looking to get his leg over. The girl would make more of a conscious effort to dress up and put on a pair of heels but the guy is still looking to get his leg over.

It’s all good fun though whether Jerry’s or Bella. I will not completely stop Jerry’s though, I can hear good music and have a laugh for free and the people I would hang out with would buy me the drinks. Bella is 20ghs and your not always guaranteed a drink unless you buy it (times are hard, and I’m not ashamed to say it…lol).

We left around 3.30, us 30 somethings were pooped. Ams and Georgia had spent all day at the beach and so were tired, I have this cough that is just not shifting and I am not helping by being in a smoky environment until the early hours. Saying that we are likely to go to XL tonight. Last one for definite I tell you as it’s back to work on Monday.

I didn’t meet anyone new last night. Funny that, when I was with a group of guys I was beating them off with a stick, last night, with the girls and nothing. Oh well.

The lights have gone off so I bid you adieu for now, I do hope it comes back on soon. Oh Ghana!

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A British Born Ghanaian navigating her way through life.
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2 Responses to Jerrys vs Bella

  1. Kay says:

    Hi Efia,
    I’m an english lady thinking of moving to Ghana (married to a Ga chap), and was googling “english living in Ghana” and variations thereof… your blog came up.
    What made me laugh is that I know the places you’re writing about. I was in Bella in August, so I guess that’s what you mean by lots of Londonites??
    Anyway, I wanted to ask (out of curiosity), the Jerry’s you mention, it’s not by any chance the one next to media pharmacy in East Legon, is it? If so, that’s too funny, I’ve drank there alone, and also with my husband as my my sis-in-law lives close to there. If it is the same one, I actually prefer it to Bella which was loud and full of attention seeking drunks.
    I’ve had some lovely conversations in Jerry’s, met some interesting people. Not sure if it’s the same one tho – wld be too much of a co-incidence!
    Anyway, I’m off to find more ex-pat blogs to see if living in Ghana looks manageable.
    Great country, great people, but I’m kinda used to round the clock electricity!


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