XL reunion

It was 7 o’clock and I was having a dream about a mosquito buzzing around my ear, in my dream I killed it dead but in real time it was chewing on my skin like a chocolate bar. I suddenly jumped up and sprayed the room. Time to have a shower and get moving. There is a leaving party for the Londonites going back to the UK at XL. The christmas holiday is over and people are going back to the cold, back to work to save up some more pounds for their next chillin session in Ghana at around this time next year.

This is probably the first time since I got here that I noticed how big the influx is around this time. I guess its because for the first time since I got here that so many of my people were here and its the first time I have hung out in places other than the local spots that I have now been acclimatised to. Its a far cry from when I used to come over on holidays. Those days, although I did hang out in the local spots at times, it was mixed with the happening places of the time, His Majestys, Boomerang, Glenns. There was no Accra Mall. Golden Tulip and La Palm were places that my uncle’s took me for lunch and that was very rare as they felt that the British Council was much more appropriate seeing as we were British.

Its amazing how in some very short years, we now have Champs, Rhapsodys, Bella and XL and there are some up and coming places like Appetite and Royal Richester (nice hotel with a good live band but quite expensive) which I hope maintain its standards and with a bit of a marketing strategy will make East Legon the new Osu (which would be very handy for me).

Nowadays as I am a local, I get taken to local spots, Famphy, Jerrys and my spot at the junction, its all great fun. I think wherever you are it’s about the company. You can have a laugh at Jerry’s with good people around you and you can be bored at the Office when you are hanging out with pretentious people. However I can’t say I didn’t enjoy drinking champagne with my cousins in Rhapsodys or with Giles drinking Mojitos at the bar in East Legon but at the same time stopping by Jerry’s for Atemuda (judgement day, a alcohol based drink with ginger) with Rob and Akosua has been equally as nice. As I said, it’s about the company.

Well stopped off for a quick drink at Famphy, nobody around today I guess everyone is out of the area tonight and my boys are jamming in Tema somewhere. Off to meet Ams for a night at XL will let you know how that went.

All good fun

About efiasworld

A British Born Ghanaian navigating her way through life.
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2 Responses to XL reunion

  1. Elsae says:

    Before going to sleep I come to visit your blog
    Hoping you posted something and when you did hummm i feel so good
    You write so well that i feel like I’m seeing myself in Ghana… You made me travel for free .
    Good Job.


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