Small boy you dont know the ting…

I have decided to change venue’s today, partly because my local has been closed for the past week, I think the owner is sick. The other reason is that I am wearing a nice dress so have decided to drink a cosmopolitan at the East Legon mall square. I’m sitting here waiting for a colleague who has just come back from Lagos. Tomorrow it is back to the grindstone, so one last small chilling before its all work, work, work.

I finally made it out of my pit to Adenta where I went to my French lady’s birthday party for her daughter. I can tell I’m still not feeling my best as I didn’t eat as much as I would have done normally and my cousins will kill me as I am wearing a maxi dress but have got on flats instead of heels, hair is tied back in a rather shabby bun, no make-up and have my glasses on instead of my contacts. Oh well even top models have a day off let alone me.

Black man and time, my friend said to give him a few minutes and that was like half an hour ago. I have phoned a few people and am now people watching. At my local when I’m sitting there alone it is not seen as nay big deal, it is the same people I see all the time so like the Cheers bar, everybody knows my name. Well my face anyway. Here I look a bit sad, if I was done up I would probably be mistaken for a prostitute, but as I am not, I just look like a loner at a bar.

There is a food joint opposite me. Peterpan, its like a low grade kfc but the food actually isn’t so bad plus it is quite easy on the pocket. A young guy has come out with his girl, quite obvious that she thought she was going to a fancy restaurant, she is wearing a very fancy shiny sequined top and smart trousers and heels. Must have been a bit of a disappointment to find out she was only going to eat chicken and chips. However saying that, even the fast food joints can be quite expensive and while to those who live in the West, it may seem like a cop-out, when you are on a Ghana man’s salary, it is actually a big deal.

Actually seeing this chick reminds me of the time my uncle came to pick my sister for dinner. He invited a friend who must have thought he was taking his British niece to a fancy restaurant and dressed up in a ball gown. He however was dressed in a T-shirt and shorts. A very disappointed lady ended up at chicken on the run at the Total filling station at Legon. At least my sister had the sense to wait for uncle to arrive before she got dressed. Never mind.

But for the chick in the shiny top, she seemed happy enough, he could have taken her to a chop bar but instead took her out for fried rice and hot and spicy chicken. She is living the life.

Well enough people watching, time to go get my 40 winks before the craziness starts tomorrow. My colleague has already informed me that there is an issue with tinplates or something. Oooh can’t wait…

About efiasworld

A British Born Ghanaian navigating her way through life.
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