Its Cold

Do you notice, I complain about the men (a lot), traffic, electricity, water, people. But I hardly ever complain about the weather, although I may make a comment or two about it, I never actually complain. That’s because that this is one of the main reason I moved here.

My body cannot take cold in any way, shape or form. Even now in this heat, make me take a cold shower and I have to take an hour to mentally prepare to take it. Why did I always have an excuse to not go swimming at school. With most black girls it was because of the hair thing, I didn’t really have an issue with that because those days smother owned a hair salon. Mine was those first few minutes before your body temperature gets used to the water, for me was torture. So if you ever meet me at the beach or at a poolside, make sure you know how to swim, because I will not be able to save you.

In the winter time, my father would have a face on him like a grumpy bulldog, why because I would come in and turn on the heater before wrapping myself up like a christmas turkey and propping myself in front of the TV or lie on my bed in my room with my feet up against the radiator.

Thus the reason I left the constant flow of electricity and water. The £1 shops (I do miss them), Tesco 2 for 1 deals and Sainsbury’s nectar points, M&S, Borough Market, getting a free Iphone 4s if I sign up with T-mobile for another year, Subway and Nandos, Emmerdale, Holyoaks and Corrie (technically I can get Eastenders here with dstv). Sales at Zara, Gap and Debenhams. Having a coffee with my friends, a skinny Vanilla Latte from Starbucks. Completing the LPC and subsequent training contract.

I left all that behind, because it was just too darn cold. Any regrets, well if I hadn’t come here, I would have been asking myself “what if” so, no, no regrets. The only question is “what now”. That’s the plan I need to work out for myself now. Do I complete the law thing. Do I look for a better job. Do I stay where I am. That is the question. But one thing moving here has taught me is that I’m in control of my destiny with a lot of help of the almighty. We have a path, we may deviate, we may take a wrong turn. But if you believe in a higher power (I understand not all who read will believe in God). Eventually you will find your way. However, you can only be helped if you are willing to help yourself. Too many times have I heard “I will leave it to God”. No, its not possible, God can help but only you can do.

Well that’s my lot for today. Have a good day x

About efiasworld

A British Born Ghanaian navigating her way through life.
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4 Responses to Its Cold

  1. Mike says:

    how do you do it? I can’t keep up with your writing pace (which is becoming a growing addiction).


  2. Wanderlust says:

    Hi Efia,
    I too have been blog stalking. Like the blog. Had to comment about your weather post- can definitely relate. Never thought I’m say this…but sure miss the West African heat & humidity! I am Southern African, and cold does not do it for me either:)


    • efiasworld says:

      Hi thanks for commenting on my blog. I have been surfing your site, and I must say, very interesting. I am trying to get a bit more ‘culture’ and also we are always looking for places to dine so thanks, got some good ideas. I hope you keep on enjoying, will be stalking your site from time to time too…lol


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