Noble House

I thought I would do something nice today. Went and got us a chinese, thought we’d sit and have dinner, have a chat, catch up on the weeks events. Five minutes later I could feel my blood pressure spike to the roof, 7 minutes later, I wolfed down the remaining grains of rice and rushed my plate to the kitchen, rearranged the fridge and jumped into bed. I am beginning to feel that she thinks that making me feel bad is her parental right and negativity makes her happy. Even when she’s actually had a good day, she feeds on finding some fault somewhere.

So anyway, enough about that.

I saw a banner which said that there is a new Thai Restaurant opened up in East Legon, close to the Menvic Hotel and Zenith Bank, so I drove around looking for it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find it, and as I had not eaten the whole day was too tired to keep looking so I ended up going to Noble House, I’m not a big fan of Chinese restaurants having been disappointed time and again by Imperial Restaurant and the other overpriced restaurants in this country but I had gone there once and was pleasantly surprised by the service and the food.

Noble house serves both chinese and indian food, I haven’t tried the indian food yet but their chinese didn’t disappoint. I ordered a lamb with ginger and onion sauce, egg fried rice and singapore noodles with seafood. It took like 10 minutes for the food to arrive, and cost about 40ghs. I took it home and well, they didn’t disappoint. There was enough food to feed a family of 5 the food was so much. The lamb came in a round reusable container (I love reusable containers). The food had just enough spice and both came with little containers of chilli sauce. My only disappointment was that the chilli was too small but that’s because I have a love affair with hot chilli. Highly recommended. If you are going out for a night out, dinner for 2, I think one portion of rice or noodles and a sauce is enough to fill your belly. I have enough food to last me for the next three days at least.

Highly recommended.

There is one Noble House in East Legon and another in Osu and they do deliveries, so for Chinese, I would say Noble House is definitely value for money.

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A British Born Ghanaian navigating her way through life.
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