I’ve been bitten by the bug

Literally, I have been bitten.

It was late last night, around midnight. My body felt hot and itchy. I looked at my leg, it had become red and swollen. No, he couldn’t have. I put on the light, I didn’t see anything, so I switched it back off, and laid back to finish off the current episode of Gossip girl. It was starting to get a bit cold in the room so I switched off the A-C. That’s when he made his presence known. I heard a buzzing right in my ear. The bastard had managed to find his way into my room.

I went to the storeroom to look for the mosquito spray. I find the non-toxic spray. No worries, that means I don’t have to vacate my room for the next hour. I walk around the room and spray every corner. I wait a while and go back to my room. He hadn’t died. I couldnt’t hear him, but I could feel his presence. I switch on the light, and there he was against the wall. I needed to crack open a can of Raid to get this one. But I couldn’t find it. I quietly walk up to the wall and whack…I missed and managed to half sprain my wrist in the process.

I sit quietly and wait, I see his shadow, but he’s too quick for me. It was nearly 1am. 4 and a half hours until I would have to get up and go see that other demon. I switch on the A-C in the hopes of freezing him out and then wrap myself up like a mummy in my blanket in the hopes that he doesn’t see me to feast on me. The sneak had already managed to get one in the neck, and on my leg, I just had to make sure there was not too much damage done to the body.

The alarm woke me up at the usual time without fail taunting me to get out of bed else it will keep making the loud siren sound. Should I lie in and risk the rush hour traffic, no I have a meeting. I dragged myself out of bed and warmed my water for the shower. It was still dark outside, but I was proud of myself for dislocating myself from my bed. I was just about mixing the cold water with the hot water, when…lights off. So after wrestling with a mosquito which took up all my precious sleep time, now the lights have to go off on me, and of course lots of clothes but nothing ironed.

I light a candle and look for something that looks half way decent. 45 minutes later, I had left the house, in the car, music up loud so I don’t fall asleep at the wheel. I hope the balance shifts to normality soon.

So if you see me today, and you are wondering if I got dressed in the dark, the truth is, I did.

About efiasworld

A British Born Ghanaian navigating her way through life.
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