Random Rants

Today, nothing going on too much but just a few observations today that I want to share with you.

Not to dwell too much on that Nii character but I was listening to Bob Marley just now and it all came back to me. I was dropping him at the taxi station when Bob Marley’s ‘I shot the Sherrif’ played on my Ipod. He says to me, without joking, ‘Do you smoke weed’, then something along the lines of ‘don’t people smoke and high before listening to Bob Marley songs’ or some crap like that. Now you can insult me, you can insult my taste in music, but don’t insult Bob whether it be advertant or inadvertantly. So what, if I listen to house music, it means that I have taken an LSD before hand. I just thought that was a very stupid thing to say, and definitely the thing that sealed the lid on any kind of relationship. If you don’t have anything to say, don’t say it, it’s not by force. The question should be does a girl drink alcohol before going out on a date with such a person, because I know I wish I did.

I was watching an advert this morning for the DSTV PVR decoder in South Africa it was 1499 Rand which works out to about $190 or 300GHS. It is sold at more than double the price in Ghana. What’s more sickening is that people will put money down and pay for it without even batting an eyelid. The laws of demand and supply do not work in this country, it is more the laws of each man for himself and God for us all. People just slap any price on a good, and well it’s up to you, take it or leave it. But people will buy because there is a certain type of Ghanaian that has more money than sense, they make their money in dollars so don’t feel the pinch when the cedi depreciates, it fact they are even happy as it means more money to spend. Then there is the new middle class, they are not wealthy, but feel that shopping in Game or Shoprite shows that they have it, so they will spend it. Then there are the expats, who are paid a crap load of money to come to Africa, plus inconvenience allowance. Yes, moving from your two bedroom apartment to a big 4 bedroom house with porcelain tiled floors, a swimming pool, house maid, garden boy, car and driver must be so much of an inconvenience. They would never spend this much but they do now because they can. I remember my former boss said to me that he can easily live for 6 months without working, being an expat working in Ghana he didn’t really touch his salary. Well good for you, but because of you that can, we that barely can are forced to buy these overpriced goods. And we do too, because face it, Ghana television really doesn’t have much to offer, especially for the MTV generation, ok so Viasat 1 is trying, but DSTV really has a lot to offer.

When I first moved in, I was conned into getting that Multi TV, it boasted so many channels. Absolutely rubbish. It didn’t have half the channels that I was told, it is a bit pot luck whether you get any channels at all, I was told I would get BBC news and CNN, basically there is one news channel and depending on the time of day means it could be BBC or it could be CNN. It may be overpriced, but if you can, save your money and buy DSTV.

If you haven’t come across his page, please go to madeinaccra which is on this same website, he is hilarious. A bit like me but without the TMI and relationship/growing old issues.

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