Random Rants 2

My mid 30s crisis has taken another turn today, I have become very nostalgic and emotional. I am going through my boyband phase through my Ipod *Nsync (when JT was the white dude that was dating Britney Spears), Backstreet Boys, Blakstreet, Jodeci (United Nations of boybands).

I remember when Jodeci where 2 Fine looking guys and 2 really talented singers, me and my friend Z, and some others went to their concert. After the concert ended we along with a thousand other girls decided to run after the bus, like they would really stop and pick us out of the crowd and take us back to the hotel room or something. We ended up getting the night bus home from Wembley to East London, that was a very long journey. The good old days.

I got a message from a colleague yesterday. I want to do you, he says. Now really, what response was I supposed to give him. I didn’t respond but I did laugh, not at the comment but I was thinking what my best friend P would say. She is much better at giving responses and so eloquantly said too. But once in a while, she would just say it plain. In this instance, she would probably say something like ‘young man, I think you’ve gone and lost your damned mind, do you think I’m someone you’ve met in a bar or something’ and her nose would get screwed up but she would never raise her voice. I do miss her, she’s like the sister I’ve always wanted (yeah I know I have two, I said, always wanted…lol). There are certain friendships that you wrap up in cotton wool and treasure, and hers is one of them.

Ok so yesterday tried out delifrance. It is next to Esther’s hotel in the Airport Residential area. I was missing Eat, Pret, Starbucks, all the places where I would normally buy a sandwich and a skinny vanilla latte.So DeliFrance, they have quite a wide range of sandwiches, considering most places have either tuna, chicken mayo, or club sandwich as their options. You can have a panini where most fillings will cost you 10GHS or baguette at 12GHS. They have some other breads available, unfortunately they didn’t have a take away menu and I got tired of reading the chalk board to really see what they had. They do pastries like sausage rolls and mini quiches for around 4 – 5 GHS.

I ordered a ham and emmenthal panini, the sandwich was nice, can’t really go wrong with ham and cheese anyway. But you need to watch the guy closely. Before I could even say jack, he started layering my sandwich with mayonaise and it was the full fat one too (even though they had the light option). I made him scrape the mayonnaise off the sandwich and gave him a lecture on not making assumptions that a person will a. want mayonnaise on their sandwich and b. want fat as opposed to light. I’m sure if he could have spat into my sandwich he would have, but he didn’t show that he was annoyed, rather polite, he did apologise. There is a spacious seating area, and does have that kind of Pret a Manger feel to it, the expats certainly love the place as they can have a normal sandwich with bread they are used to and a variety of fillings. They do have Latte’s and Mocchacino’s too but I have only had the pannini so far. Not bad for a quick bite or breakfast, my only issue is apart from tomatoes, I didn’t really see any lettuce, cucumber etc.. and was quite disappointed they didn’t have any salads on the menu. But it is a place I would try again.

All that talking of food is now making me rather hungry so I’m off to find something to eat…until the next time

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1 Response to Random Rants 2

  1. Elsae says:

    ” I want to do you ” mouhaaa guys from nowadays are afraid for nothing I swear … I wish I could see his face , the day after ..


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