End of the 1st month of the year

I’m so tired, it’s on days like this when I wish I had a driver, it took all the energy I could to get home and praying that I didn’t doze off behind the wheel, but I made it, but as usual I will probably end up just as tired tomorrow as I am today because I can’t sleep.

I had actually wanted to play hooky today, sneak off at lunchtime and not go back, however I got home and smother was in the house, which would have defeated the whole purpose of getting any rest because she would have found a thousand things for me to do. So I took an hour out to get my extremely dirty car cleaned as it was starting to get a bit embarrassing.

Apart from the extreme tiredness the day went pretty well. We finally had our end of month meeting after all the pre-meetings. It’s true what they say, if you put positive vibes out there you are bound to get them back. I was the fourth person to present and up until this point the meeting had become quite tense with people arguing over things they don’t have any control over. I stepped up and I was unbelievably calm. How we work, if I haven’t already told you, is that we are in the region overseeing the activities in the countries. I believe in letting the countries do their job and step in when there is an emergency, leaving us to look at the long term strategies. Afterall, what can I see in Nigeria that those who are on the ground cannot see. My child boss thinks that we should act as an extension, running around after trivial issues and taking on every job in a bid to make us indispensable. We used to argue a lot on this matter until I just decided to do me and let him do him, I’m not superwoman, I can only do what I can. After two years, I still don’t know if it was by fluke, but it works. So I was able to stand up in front of the bosses and say that last year went well and their were no issues. So of course I was relaxed and able to smile through the presentation where others were cacking in their pants and watching bullets fly over their heads.

After a great morning, it kind of went downhill from there thanks to Ecobank. Yes they managed to do it again. To my detriment I went to withdraw money from the East Legon ATM, I put in my card, after about 5 minutes of nothing I am told that the machine doesn’t have any cash to give me. I walk into the bank and walked out again, I wasn’t in the mood for that queue, so I attempted to pay for some goods at the supermarket with my debit card. Of course that didn’t pan out either, my card kept getting rejected and the lady was looking at me like I did not have money in my account (the bill was only 22GHS) luckily they accepted my cheque.

I went home to get some rest but that didn’t pan out so ended up back in the office (where I also managed to get some cash too), and headed back to the office. On the way in I went into the Woolworth store, its a South African store kind of like M&S, but cheaper quality and way overpriced. They said there was a 50% off sale. I checked it out. A dress that I could probably buy at most for £30 was on sale for 125GHS ($90) down from 225GHS, I am still yet to understand how these people price goods but only seeks to reinforce why I am better off saving my money, going to UK and doing my shopping there.

So it was back to the office, another meeting, read a few emails and then out the door, I got to the office a little past 6 and 12 hours later I finally managed to get out, so much for playing hooky.

So now here I am, me and a couple of episodes of gossip girl before bed (it’s actually become an obsession now). What an exciting life I lead…

About efiasworld

A British Born Ghanaian navigating her way through life.
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