Lack of understanding

The gentleman at reception just called me aside to tell me a white guy came to the office looking for me. He probably thinks that I have got myself a rich white guy, rich because that is the perception of all white folk, and must be some guy I picked somewhere as why else would he be at the office looking for lil ole me. The truth is, he’s a rep from some company who want to put my pension money in an offshore account. I am not too sure about the legitimacy of it all but wasn’t in the mood to speak to anyone after attending meetings all day yesterday.

But the mentality of some folk here amazes me, even the most educated person lacks basic understanding of the world around them. Sometimes I feel like I’m in a vacuum myself, the only news really is what is happening in Ghana, politics, religion etc… Which leads me onto a very controversial topic, homosexuality.

I was reading the paper today and the president said that while a gay person should not be discriminated, it is still against the law, there have been many discussions on this topic lately with 99.99% of people saying its wrong and its got me thinking about the whole ‘gay africa’. Now my point of view is each to their own, I don’t want to see a same sex couple going at it in front of my face, but then again I wouldn’t want a straight couple doing the same, but what you do in the confines of your living area is your own business. But the general consensus is a gay person should be stoned to death.

I read an article the other day, a father wrote in for advice. He noticed that his son was always shy and withdrawn, never had any friends and recently ‘came out’ that he wants to marry his male teacher. They had been in this relationship since the age of 10. The father was unhappy that his son was gay and was blaming himself that he had not married after his wife passed away so the son had not been exposed to a ‘real’ relationship. The usual responses came in to pray, see the pastor, cast out the demons. I look at it this way. Whether you are gay or straight, having a relationship with a child of 10 is molestation and this man was a paedophile. You hear of stories like this all the time with the child eventually falling for their rapist. This teacher should be taken to task for the years of blatant abuse and the son needs counselling and realize that whatever this is, it is not a healthy relationship. Until this issue is addressed, could this guy really have a clue about his sexuality.

There was another article in the paper about things going on in same sex schools with the older boys and girls catching the younger ones and basically using them as their bitches. This in my opinion is more about power than sexuality, they prey on the weak and use them.

The last type I have noticed are the male prostitutes. You see them on the beaches of Labadi looking for an obroni to buy them basically. It appears to be more a way of life like any other job.

In short, this issue seems to be a different to the scenario in the west. There is a lack of understanding about the whole gay issue from all angles, and I don’t think I have heard of a case where a person genuinely has feelings for someone of the same sex, so while it is all very well David Cameron telling us he will stop giving financial aid to those countries who sympathise with homosexuals, it is not so black and white, in fact there are a whole lot of grey areas.

Just writing this blog has given me a headache, so I go back into my bubble for today, we are supposed to be moving forward but I think we will remain in the same spot on this issue for a long time in so far as we never take the time out to understand.

God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve, somebody posted that on facebook somewhere last year and I laughed, the reason being I heard that about 1000 years ago in UK and it was the first time some of my Ghanaian paddys were hearing it. So I guess it will take another 1000 years for people to learn the distinction between abuse and two people who genuinely care for each other. The former to be dealt with in the proper manner and for the latter, well at least let us live and let live.

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  1. P says:

    Wish I had some kind of witty comment to make but when I read this, I couldn’t help but agree wholeheartedly. Ultimately, let us live and let live! Too many of us like minding each other’s business…


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