Its Tharsday, the day after wendensday

What would my day be without some kind of drama. Today like no other it began but it started earlier than normal.

I woke up quite early this morning, 10 minutes before the alarm went off at 4.45, well if I have to be honest I didn’t sleep well at all. I have a problem with letting things go. If you say something which hurts me, it takes a while to get over it and I end up replaying events over and over again, what I should have said, what I will say. I end up not saying anything at all, which isn’t the best, because the issue just festers until I’m at the point of eruption.

I still can’t get over the snakes in my office. The comment made about someone in the group who deliberately sets out to poison the team. I know for certain now that this point was directed at me and it is a low blow. Yes, I am the kind of person who speaks my mind, maybe the English I speak gets lost in translation and where I am trying to make a point it may antagonise some folk, but I only speak up when I feel that something is unjust or unfair. Then I keep quiet and keep my opinions to myself, when that happens they say I am being moody.

There were some other incidents that occurred the other day which leads me to trust my team even further. The first coming from the chick I sit next to. For a long time she was withdrawn from the group, didn’t speak to anyone and if you ask her a question, the response you get is biting. The only time she ever lit up was when you ask her about her children, then her whole persona would change, she became animated and would actually crack a smile. I was later to find out she had been going through some stuff when I opened up about her depression but up until then I just thought she was a moody cow as did the rest of the team. There was an incident last year where I asked everyone to send the materials they wish to be deleted from our system on an excel sheet. She as usual was away with the fairies and didn’t hear the discussion, she later said she was not there at the time (her running national anthem). So I asked her again, she sent it by email and not on excel which meant I would have to populate myself as such causing a delay to my deadline. But really, I didn’t want to appear confrontational and after the third request, she just wasn’t going to do it so it was best I did it myself. The team coordinator madam loud mouth called me one evening to shout (she is unable to talk at a normal pitch) that what was the delay. I explained the situation, she in turn took it upon herself to call this lady, I don’t know what transpired between the two of them but the following morning, this lady came in to the office with a face like thunder. She sat down and said to me “the next time you report me, you will deal with the consequences of my actions”, I was a bit taken aback so I asked her “is that a threat”, she said “take it whatever way you want, but if you have something to say to me, come say it to my face”. I decided to allow it, she was obviously looking for my trouble and it wasn’t a battle worth fighting, she didn’t talk to me for a long while after that, anything she needed from me, she would send an email (even though we sat next to each other), she even made comments on facebook referring to me as the devil and how revenge will be sought, that kind of thing, quite frightening, but I too believe in God and whatever she threw at me, it can’t have hit me as I am still standing today. She carried out extracting her silent revenge until recently when she must have found God or something as her whole personality had changed. Well at the discussion on Tuesday she bought up this issue and bitch still thinks I reported her, but she has forgiven me. Like hello, I am not exactly backwards at coming forward, this is work and not a school yard, and really, if it was that much of an issue I would have told her myself in a very subtle way. I was then asked by headmistress that “why did you feel the need to go to a 3rd party”, now I had to explain myself and people were looking at me like I was some kind of snitch. Really, it doesn’t feel like I’m at work, feels like I’m in a school yard.

Second incident was with Mr Politician. The one with all the teeth, laughs a lot but turn your back to him and you may find a dagger lodged into it. Now, I can’t do arse kissing or politics, never have done. I will give you all the respect due, but ultimately your work speaks for itself. Whatever complaints people may have about me behind my back personally, professionally they can’t say a word because I get the job done. To be honest, I haven’t really had so many personal attacks on my character as I have in this present company, the only thing one might say is that I get moody during one period of each month, but they have also said that I am very hard working. If politics is your thing, that’s your cup of tea but the one thing I would advise is that you don’t shit where you eat. Mr politician however thinks he can create a mess wherever he goes because its his right. He made mention of the day I had the crazy cough, and that he didn’t notice because at the time I arrived he was getting ready to leave, and that I hadn’t called to inform him I was not coming in. Knife in the back. I remember clearly him getting me water as I was coughing profusely, then the following day I sent the message to the boss. The boss in turn says he didn’t get the message, I said he must have as he responded. He then pleaded ignorant. Double knife int the back. When they both realised I had a rebuttal for every excuse they had for not believing I was ill and for him making the comment that I looked fine the day before plus the message that was not received, they cut the conversation and said it was a misunderstanding. Misunderstanding my eye, I know this will probably sound conspiracy theorist but Mr politician is looking for my downfall, he wants me out, but trust me its probably the one thing we both agree on but when it does happen it will be on my terms.

This got me into further analysis. He’s in charge of materials planning and when it comes to any of the other categories he’s always willing to help them out. When it comes to me, he sends me the breaking news and then leaves me to handle it myself, which then makes it look bad for me to management as I have to run around looking for a solution so there is a delay. So it looks like I’m not working. €y€ as€m oo. But as the Ghanaians would say. God dey. I will not let him frustrate me into leaving even if I do have a good case of constructive dismissal, I still have a mortgage to pay.

So in the hour it took me to get ready I was thinking about all this, I forgot to moisturize my face, it is only when I saw the dry whiteness of my mouth that it occurred to me. If that wasn’t bad enough I put on a pair of jeans and left the house. 6.10 I was in the office, at 7 however, I remembered that we have the head of the Zone visiting our office and the dress code is smart casual, NO jeans. I was in a decent pair of skinny jeans with a business shirt and vest, but I would get slaughtered by my boss if he were to see me. So I have had to drive back home to change, which means what was 20 minutes to get to work will now be an hour due to the rush hour traffic.

I got to the house and was greeted to 20 questions, all this to change out of a pair of jeans and into a skirt. Then she decided to sit on my bed and chat about the cost of switches, or sockets, she’s wiring her house and fixing switches and she thought the price quoted included everything but it is only the cost of re-wiring so she is wondering if it would be cheaper to buy the switches in London and get someone to bring it over. The plumber is doing something today also (she managed to get a lot in, in those 5 minutes). I eventually left and now I have used this opportunity to wash my car as it was once again dirty to the point of embarrassment, amazingly the guy has taken heed of me asking for him to do it fast, maybe its because of the 2ghs tip that I always give him.

So back into the traffic and start the day all over again. What a morning.

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