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I am at my local enjoying the breeze and my usual 2-1. Just the one mind you, its more about the cool air then having a drink, but it’s nice to have the company.

Got 3 messages this week, from guys saying they miss me. The problem is one is married, one is engaged and the third has a very serious girlfriend, so I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with their miss’ of me except parcel it back and return back to sender. Bloody cheek, of course you’ll miss me, what’s not to miss, but really, if you’ve made your choice and at that time it wasn’t me, then keep your miss’ for the one you did choose. I no bore then, but I do bore now. Anyway that’s that rant over with.

Sent smother away to my aunt’s for the day. Well I didn’t actually send her away, I was relaxing in my office/bedroom when she announced that I must drop her there. Am I going out she asked, before she heard the response she said “well it doesn’t matter if you drop me off then”. That told me. My intention when I got back was to relax a bit and then do some work, but just like that, the day was over, and now I am here catching the breeze before I go to the rather over priced Accra Mall to catch a movie. Once in a while, it needs to be done, and well I’m not paying so why refuse.

I do love smother really, I just wish that she were happy. There is only so much I can do for her, but I can’t be a husband replacement, or a marriage counsellor or her friend. When I say friend, I mean I can’t have the conversations you have about your partner the way you would with a mate, because I am not a neutral person, I can’t sympathise because I don’t want to be put in that position in the first place. Even when I speak to her about someone I have met, somehow the topic seems to turn around and we end up in that territory, in fact any conversation ends up on that side, so I’d rather get lost in the fantasy of American dramas. In turn she gets bored, so I’m glad she has her age mates at a 5 minute drive away, at least they can talk about whatever, and she’s happy, I have peace, it’s win-win.

Last night, my intention was to go back home and sleep after work. After getting in the office at 6am then leaving at 9pm then getting up at 6 the following morning, I still hadn’t fully recovered. Which reminds me, I got to the office at 9am yesterday, had to stop off at the pharmacy and do a few things before I got into work. The office hours start at 8 but because of the new flexible working arrangement it is ok to get in at 9, as we don’t usually leave at 5 normally 6 or 7. For me, as I said, because of the traffic if I don’t get to the leave the house at 5.30 then I usually leave at 8 when the traffic dies down. This is because I can’t take the traffic jams and my road rage issues, there is also an incident that occurred about two years back which has made me scared to sit too long in one place for a long period of time. Basically I was in a jam one morning, listening to the radio and we just wasn’t moving. The next thing I knew someone had come in, in front of me and cars were horning me from behind. I had fell asleep behind the wheel, and the car was in drive. I am just lucky my foot didn’t slip off the brake. I have had the phobia of sitting in traffic jams because of this.

Well today I got in at 9, another colleague came in 5 minutes before this, I know because I saw her as I was pulling into the car park. Another lady got in 30 minutes after me. However, at exactly 9.01 I get a phone call from suck up guy, who asks where am I. That there is a meeting, will I be in on time. Now I had already done my presentation, literally the night before when I was the only one in the office at 9 and the meeting was at 10. I was quite pissed off, I know he was the one who said that I was spreading poison in the team, it wasn’t that late, and a couple of days ago when I was in the office at 6 he did not get to the office well after 9. I told him I would be there before the meeting, didn’t even bother saying that I was in the car park. As I suspected he only singled me out because when I asked the lady who got in well after me did not get the same phone call. I have a lot of patience but he really is getting on my last nerve.

Later on that day the head of the region came in to greet us as he normally does when he is in the office. The man, quite short was going round the desks to greet one by one, when suck up practically blocked his path to tell him something which the boss was obviously not interested in. Suck up guy is quite a few inches taller than the boss and it was quite comfortable watching him trying to dive for the nearest open space to avoid the man. Apparently the man was annoyed with suck up for an incident that had happened the night before. They had a Q&A session with the Zone heads the night before and suck up went as representative for our manager. He asked a really awkward question and the boss felt he should have briefed him before hand. No wonder only selective invitees are called for this kind of things. The boss gave his piece of mind in the usual tactful way that white folk can say things but we haven’t actually mastered this art and was leaving when school prefect shouted out “have a good day”, profiling your position or wedging your head firmly up the boss’ bottocks. I reserve my judgement. We shall see in a couple of years, from what I can tell of the boss is he prefers more results but if they think that’s the way to profile themselves who am I to talk.

At lunch time I went to Bella Roma to discuss the plans for this Friday night. I’m quite looking forward to that, although not so much the days before that. We met the chef who told us what he was planning to give us as a starter. An Italian man with a thick Italian accent, although I didn’t understand a word he was saying, he was a lovely man who was very passionate about the food, and if his food is even half as good as the way he spoke about it, I think I made a good restaurant selection. We have a table reserved for the club also, I am sure the visitor’s will appreciate it, but I know the one’s in the office will scurry off as soon as the food is over. They have already started making their excuses already.

I got back to the office and told headmistress that it will be 70ghs per head but that excludes drinks. Apparently when she was preparing the budget she made no provisions for drinks as she thought that was included in the 70. There was no room for buffer either. Now I don’t go out much, but I know that if you are going somewhere other than the “banku and tilapia” type places, and are going in for a 3 course meal you need to bring it. Well anyway, note to self, bring cash along if I want more than a glass of water on the night.

After work I was intending to go home but saw my cousin’s car outside the Famphy in East Legon so went in for a one glass before heading home. He was there with his friend and we joked around before cuz said he was off to meet his boys in somewhere which sounded to far away for me to drive. So he went and I sat around with his mate for a while when another guy came to the table. We then started talking politics and this Woyome issue. For those that don’t know, this guy was awarded 90million ghs and had been paid out 51m of that for some work that he claimed he did in 2008 and took his claim to court. There has been a big scandal since with the current Attorney General sacked over this even though he only recently took this position but it was under the former A-G that the money was paid out. She has been questioned and proven herself since to be a bit incompetent. The president says he knows nothing about this, apparently he has been sitting in his office and payments (rather large) have been paid out of which he knows nothing about. All this has come out coincidentally as we are approaching elections at the end of this year. Already the public has lost confidence, school children have not received the free uniforms and books they were promised. The unemployed do not have the jobs they were promised. Fuel has gone up (I know the government has no control of this but he did make the promise). Ok so a couple of roads have been completed, but as one person asked “are we supposed to chop the road”. I don’t like to go too much into the politics of this country, I barely read the articles or listen to the news as I think that there are areas where the average man should or could do for themselves but they would put a political spin on things. However, this scandal can not be ignored and the timing could not have been any worse. African’s need a strong leader and there are basic things that needs to be done, so even if something like this was to come out you can say, but at least he’s done x or y. But in 4 years I have seen nothing except excuses. If he makes it to a second term, he’s either performed juju, or a miracle but I can’t see it happening and I don’t want him to either. He’s tired, he did his best, but just like the Black Stars this tournament, couldn’t reach the finals, and just like our old stars did so gracefully, he should hang up his boots.

Well time to get ready for the movies, so I shall bid you adieu for tonight. Until the next time.

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