Workshop day 5: TGIF

So there were tears and tantrums on Friday but it all came to a very pleasant head at 8pm when we tucked into an authentic Italian meal, its Saturday morning and I’m still quite full.

My sinus’ were playing up yet again on Thursday night, so yet again I woke up with a banging headache at 5am, I decided to wait the extra hour before getting ready to go to work. I so wasn’t looking forward to it, but I took one for the team. The mafia in my office might not be able to stand me, but at least I still had a few allies and the guys in the country think I’m nice. For some reason, although I have probably at one time fought with them, I still have a good relationship. One of the guys who came down from Nigeria said it was because I have a soft face in comparison to the hard faces ladies in the region. He did not mention names, and I will not mention who I think it is, but I have a fair idea. When I lose the will to go on in my department and want to pack up and go back to London, it is the guys in the countries that put it all into perspective.

The bus did not pick the guys up on time, they were supposed to arrive at 8.30 but didn’t get in until 9, little were we to know that transport would be the bane of our day the whole day. They finally got in and first on the agenda was a bilateral meeting. The producing countries and the receiving countries had a 30 minute session to iron out any problems they had. The region bodies would coordinate and take action points for each group. Seemed to go well, although as usual some groups ran over time, nobody does honam p3 job (the body likes to work) like this team.

We ended up having lunch at 2 because of these discussions but it at least we had a mid morning snack of sandwiches and croissants. Didn’t get the egg and chicken sandwich thing we were given, why mix egg with chicken its like eating the baby and the baby mama, but oh well.

The day before’s meal was shepherds pie, not as good as mine, but I did enjoy it..haha, sweet and sour fish with rice. Yesterday was chicken escalope, roast potatoes, or rice with chinese stle beef, the roast spuds and chicken went down well I have to tell you, I loved the garlic taste although had to down a packet of mints afterwards. Why does something that taste so good blow such horrible fumes.

I wasn’t really around for the afternoon session, as I said, being in the office is a distraction, even if not being hounded by colleagues one is tempted to reduce their email flow so that on Monday morning one is not overloaded with things especially when it is coming to the end of the month (you know by now my end of month meetings, pre-meetings, pre-meeting meetings).

Unbelievably by 6 the workshop was wrapping up so technically we should have been at the restaurant at the allocated 7pm. Wrong, the transportation issue that happened in the morning had reared its ugly head. Apparently we ordered two buses but only one arrived, because the manager said, he received a phone call to cancel the second bus. I don’t see how, but that’s the story he was giving and he stuck to it. School prefect always the one to take things personally, threw a tantrum. I guess her weave was too tight. She went to get a weave done, must have used synthetic hair as it looked very wiggy and made her look 20 years older, not being catty although it sounds it, I speak nothing but the truth, I don’t know why people don’t shell out the extra cash for human hair, yes I am wearing 14inches of hair which is not naturally mine, but I don’t need the whole world to know that its not mine. But I digress. The second bus finally arrived when I got a phone call. School prefect says “how are you getting there!”, (I don’t put a question mark as it sounded like more of a threat than a question). I say with the French lady however I will come back with the bus. That’s when she tells me that they didn’t make provisions for me. So I was supposed to take my car while she left hers in the car park and took the bus. I didn’t say anything, less is more, that’s when she hurried everyone in the bus and said she would sort out arrangements when we got there.

We finally arrived at 8, just in time, the waiter was taking the drinks order. One Long Island for me please. We had initially arranged for us to sit in the restaurant but the functional assistant had gone over our head and arranged for the bar area, made it uncomfortable to eat, but oh well. She and her friend had also parked herself at the club, perks of being the secretary I guess. She was draped over boy child boss, well the title of Regional Manager must have its attractions because I don’t see anything other qualities. No really, this is not about me being bitchy, but a young man, he was wearing a pair of oversized trousers which he wears 4 days a week (it was 5 but he finally invested in a pair of jeans). He was wearing a branded T-shirt that clearly needed a wash, and an oversized suit jacket. He is clinically overweight (he’s not huge but is obviously overweight), but when you live on a diet of banku with okra, banku with tilapia and oh yeah banku with banku, you are going to get a bit heavy. He has at his young age cholestral, blood pressure and probably two steps away from being a diabetic, we went to holy trinity spa last year where he had a medical, I think they wanted to use him as a test case, an example of how to kill yourself slowly through eating.

The starters came out. Food be what. There was a mussels soup, tuna, swordfish, fried anchovies, shark (yep), salad, seafood mix, bruschietta, it was a feast in itself. The food just kept coming and going. Every dish was absolutely amazing (although I didn’t taste the anchovies). The starters left, immediately after that the mains came. We had pre-ordered our meal and it came out in a buffet style, it was nice to taste all the dishes but I was a bit miffed as I had ordered fettucine with lobster and seafood and somebody picked up my lobster while I was sipping on my wine letting the food digest. My Gabonese colleague ordered a glass of wine, but at 18ghs a glass I felt it would be cheaper just to buy the bottle, naturally I helped him out. My Nigerian colleague asked me why I was being so sophisticated and drinking wine, well I can drink comfortably on 1.50ghs when I am paying but on the company’s ticket I am going back to the lifestyle I was accustomed to before I moved to this country.

There was just so much food, all different dishes, I can’t name them all, but I had some lasagne, the sea food fettucine, risotto, a beef salad with parmesan cheese shavings, then the mussels, when my body was nearly fit to burst I stopped to reserve space for the death by chocolate and apple tart deserts that were on offer.

The Italian chef who had taken quite a shine to me, put the dishes together and lined them up. After the meal he gave me a shot glass with what was lemon with a spit of liqueur in it, for digesting the food of course.

I do like the setting of Bella, the club area and restaurant are no smoking with a smoking area outside. I don’t actually smoked filled places, people blowing smoke in your face while dancing, really I don’t. So for me, it has the best layout. So not as busy as Rhapsody’s or even Tantra, I like the cool vibe, it is quite a mellow atmosphere but with music and a place to dance. We had spent almost 2,500GHS so they let us remain in the VIP area for the remainder of our time there which was nice of them ($1,500 normally pfff).

They played some Azonto, which our colleague who I will call Eu had given is a lesson on how to dance the day before, everybody was showing off his skills. Now Eu was transferred from the Ghana office last year, he has a few female fans still there of which 2 were part of our group this week. Now Eu and the friend of the functional assistant were dancing Azonto, the girl quite a pro was kinda flirt dancing him. One of the Ghana office girls was looking at them, and the look on her face, if she could bring her down there and then, she would have. I managed to catch her eye, gave her one of those, don’t worry chick smiles, she calmed down after that. Her face was priceless though, if looks could kill. All this and Eu being a guy was totally oblivious.

The Ghanaian colleagues slowly drifted away one by one. It was 11, I’m actually surprised they stayed as long as they did. We danced a bit more. While we were dancing, it occurred to me, there were just 3 girls left and all these guys and as we were so few were taking it in turns. There was a group of people just staring, I am sure they thought we were hired for the night. I wouldn’t put anything past the mind of a Ghanaian.

The two French guys who I was worried were not understanding the training, well I found out yesterday that they could understand everything perfectly. Both were chatting up some ladies and from what I could make out, there knowledge of the English language is at advanced level. These my French people, very interesting. Food, wine and ladies, they don’t slack on any of them.

It was getting to midnight and the French people wanted to go on to an Ivorian club, I wanted to pick up my car, and the few Ghanaians left wanted to go home. I should have gone onto the Ivorian club, but was getting rather tired and the sooner I got my car and took it home the better, had my car been parked at home and I was certain about getting home, I probably would have gone but knowing I had to drive at some point just made me want to go home.

Everybody had a good time all in all. Mr Political even requested a take away for his Mrs. The classic of the night was when he said how great the place and the food was unlike La Tandem which was a flop, he then started bitching about the food. School prefect who was within earshot was not happy as she was the one who picked the place and to make matters worse, I had picked this one. I’m not one to gloat, well yeah I am, especially after this week, at least I managed to do one thing right and it surpassed her too. Its about the quality not about the quantity mrs.

So with only a minor headache, I leave the memories of Bella behind me. It worked out at about 100GHS a head I would definitely treat myself one day on a very special occasion, or just a desert, at between 15-20GHS, I could have a KFC meal at 7-11GHS then die by chocolate, again, a treat on a special occasion.

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