Tuesday night reflection

It’s that time of day again, my spot has finally got the lime for my gin and I am here with the mosquitoes for a quick one before heading home. It’s a case of the spirit is willing but the body is most definitely weak, so will make it an early night.

So what’s the deal today. The cost of fuel is a nightmare, I used to be able to buy 10ghs worth and that would last me until the middle of the week, now it lasts me a day especially with Accra traffic the way it is and having to switch the A-C unless I want to be drenched in sweat before I reach the office. The one thing I love about this country is that you don’t have to get down and pump the fuel yourself. I remember in 2010 when I went to London, my big cousin said to go in and pay for the fuel while he pumped it in. It was the usual routine back in the day, but I had been so used to just switching off the engine and opening the petrol flap for the attendant to do it all for me and collect my cash afterwards that it was totally alien to me now.

It was pissing down with rain as well today, so glad I didn’t have to step down. When it rains here, its the perfect excuse to tell the boss as to why you are late. If you are in a typical Ghanaian company too, chances are that you would be in before the boss anyway. It never drizzles when it rains here you see, its a torrential downpour, and with most of the roads not being the best laid out, a little car like mine is liable to get stuck in the mud. Not as bad as Nigeria though, I remember getting there one rainy July and the car literally swam to the guesthouse. Speaking of Nigeria, I will be there for a couple of days next week, so if you don’t hear from me, that’s where I am.

Didn’t get to the office too late, about 9.15 but in the middle of our Tuesday morning meeting. I don’t see the point in having it so frequent, when we are not an operating company and also we rely on information from operations but we don’t actually do the daily work where we are, but I am just a mere worker who does what she’s told to do.

9.30 I was at work, and didn’t get up until lunchtime and then back to my seat and didn’t get up until the 4 o’clock staff meeting. I did get up briefly to speak to some colleagues but other than that, pretty much at my desk. What’s the secret to getting me to sit all day without getting up and sitting for an hour at the poolside spot. Very simple. Gossip girl. I managed to get those missing episodes that I’ve been harping on about, pluged in my earphones opened the file and it played away in the corner of the screen while I played around with excel files and wrote reports. Thank you to the young lady who downloaded it for me last night. Tomorrow I give her my hard drive and collect the rest of the shows she has.

Pretty much a drama free day although I did make a boo boo when we bought a birthday cake for a colleague today, I don’t know why, but I threw away the receipt which she needs to claim the money back, I hope she finds it, school prefect, I’m already in her bad books, I’m sure she’s cursing me now.

Tomorrow, the whole family is off to Kumasi for the funerals of two close relatives, one is on Thursday, the other on Saturday. Unfortunately I can’t go as the powers that be won’t give me the time off. I am a bit down in a way, I would like to have paid my respects, meet up with relatives I haven’t seen in a while and of course Vienna City on Friday night, but in a way it will also be good to have a guilt free week, all to myself, I can chose to go out, or stay in my yard and lock myself away. Silver lining.

It’s pancake day today or shrove Tuesday for those of you that know the religious significance of this day. Tomorrow is Lent. I have decided to give up fried foods. I know it probably should be alcohol and fags, but its in the plan. I do eat a lot of fried junk food and it is going to be a stretch but it will be good for me and my waistline, have to prioritise. If I can do this one, then I can do the other one for good, hopefully. Although I was good today, I wanted to go have a sneaky fag, but I willed myself into not doing it. So wish me luck.

I am hoping mum makes the pancakes today. I think she is finally in a happy place, I hope that when she finally goes back she stays that way. Not a mention of my dad all week. We’ve actually managed to sit down together for more than 5 minutes and I haven’t got fed up and gone into my room. I think it’s because she is getting out and about and playing with the kids and they are the right crowd too. I know she is going to be alright in Kumasi, there is one nice lady called Auntie Ama, I love her, always has a smile, she is a very good influence, so I know she’s in safe hands.

Well I’m off now, need to go do the rounds before the family sets off and spend time with my mum, at least I can give her tonight as I won’t see her for 5 days.

Until the next time

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A British Born Ghanaian navigating her way through life.
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2 Responses to Tuesday night reflection

  1. D says:

    Good luck with giving up fried foods. I’m trying to give up all blogs. So see you after Lent 😉


  2. P says:

    Girl! I SO know what you mean about getting your own petrol. For the first time, I am not embarrased to say I have zero idea how to pump my own petrol. I remember hiring my ‘Zipcar’ or ‘Streetcar’ in London and praying I wouldn’t have used enough petrol to warrant refilling the car (you had to return the vehicle with at a least quarter tank of petrol).

    It’s the same in the Caribbean; no one pumps their own petrol – there are several attendants there to do it for you. And if you’re lucky, they may just clean your windshield and back window.

    Gotta love West Africa and the Caribbean…


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