Show me the money!

After my place was burgled the security boss came to check out the place. He told me that they were willing to pay half of the things that were stolen, this equated to about 4,000ghs. Of that I have received 250ghs and that was after bombarding the firm with phonecalls everyday from May to October. Since then, I have heard, “next month, next month”, as at now next month hasn’t come and I have bills to pay. Of the things that were stolen, the firm were prepared to give me my TV and a laptop, and even the laptop they asked if I wouldn’t mind “a slightly used one”, my response was hell no, there was 3000ghs in the laptop bag, I want that instead. A few weeks later they called me to say they would bring over the TV, I was asked if I wanted the same model, I said I didn’t mind as long as it was the same type, they felt that my 32″ LCD TV could be replaced by an old big back TV which it took 2 men to carry. My response, pull the other one mate, hell no, take it back. The TV I bought was easily carried away, so I want the same one that could be easily carried back.

Since then I have not seen them or any type of TV similar to my own again.

So I am still playing the waiting game, I am frustrated yet staying patient. It is a good job that my office cell gives me free calls else, I have set my alarm for 9am everyday, and that’s when I start calling. Most times the boss avoids my calls. Well with the professionalism of the boss, no wonder I got burgled, a one man cowboy running a security firm where the security just stand outside and sleep. I managed to catch a glimpse of part of the contract between the firm Boantech, what can I say, apart from once again saying it is a cowboy operation. They said the security guys would petrol the area, with guard dogs. What do we have, one very boozed up man sleeping on a stool outside the gate. They don’t ask any drivers of any unfamiliar cars who they are or who they are going to visit, they simply open the gate, and give them a few cans of milk they will salute you too.

It is advantageous in some respects. A couple of ghs, or a sample of milk, and I have managed to avoid paying the estate fees. They also patrol the area once in a while. I am not paying those fees out of principle. Boantech owe me money, they pay me, I pay them, thems are the rules. Very simple.

So I sent the boss a text message explaining my situation. I have bills to pay, I have food to buy, and I have things to replace, I have loans to pay, I’m a salaried worker, had to save up for those things I bought, but now with the added expenses, I don’t have that luxury. I get a call back that there is a parcel on the way, I should except it in good faith. Basically he just latched onto the food part and thought he could appease me with a box of food. Sardines, oil, canned tuna, tomato puree, biscuits, tin milk and some Milo. I accepted it in good faith, stupid man didn’t even come by himself but sent a dispatch driver so couldn’t exactly go off on one to him.

Nice thought, but it doesn’t exactly pay the bills. I’m watching my weight, don’t need biscuits and I have a coffee machine that gives me all the Milo in the world. Can’t believe it. I’m sure it was left overs from his christmas package that he just pawned off on me, as if he did pay for it, he could have just given me the equivalent in cash.

So annoying that I just have to laugh.

But anyway, if you have just moved into your house or office and you are looking for a security company to look after the premises. I would know of a company I wouldn’t recommend.

About efiasworld

A British Born Ghanaian navigating her way through life.
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