Peace Ignored

I am sitting at my spot drinking my 2-1 before getting myself prepared to work. I am writing this blog from my BB which is hidden within my bag so excuse the spelling mistakes, my typing skills are not the best when I cannot see the keys and can barely see the screen, although I did get a distinction at school.

No sooner had I sat down to enjoy my beverage a taxi pulled up with what appears to be 20 youths. They look like a gang of armed robbers and I am hoping they will take their akpeteshie and leave. The girls that have pulled up to join them look just as unsavoury and with me sitting here alone I am feeling quite uncomfortable. One or two keep looking in my direction but as yet have not made any attempt to communicate with me and I hope it stays that way. At least in London I could dial 999 and worst case scenario my location could be traced, but you can say that you are at number 9 East Street, south croydon and within minutes the emergency service will be there. Here, there is an emergency number but it would take an age to give the location. There are no street signs you see, and the only way of describing the location is to give landmarks. For example, “turn into Legon and take a right after you see the rice seller, keep going straight until you meet the shell filling station, you catch that filling station and you go straight aaaahhh (giving emphasis on how far straight you have to go) before you see the mango tree at the mango tree you turn left and you will see a spot with blue lights and that’s where I am. For those of you who live here or have spent any time here, you will know it is no exaggeration.

I was hoping for one more day of rest and relaxation so that I could wake up refreshed on Monday morning. Already as you know, I am not a big fan of the people in my office and man child boss is liable to say something most irritating that would put my whole week out of source so it would have been nice to have these final zen moments. I finished my housework, made a stew, corned beef, I haven’t sat down to eat it though, not really had much of an appetite but it tastes good.

I finished and went to watch the rest if Cougar town in the hopes of having an afternoon nap. The place was quiet so I nearly jumped out of my skin when I heard my name being shrilled out of the top of her lungs. When I got over the shock and got up, she started on me for not getting up to help her with her bags. Well if I wasn’t given a near heart-attack I probably would have. No hello, just a continuous moan about me. Normality has resumed and it had started up with a vengeance.

What could I say, what could I do except take the washing off the line before she started on me for leaving it out for too long. I boiled some yams to go with the stew so she didn’t start on having no food to come home to. Picked up my bag and went to my spot she started on anything else that I may have missed out.

Well the gang have gone, and they took the lights with them it seems. Bright spark here thought it would be good to get some exercise in so walked to the spot, wasn’t expecting lights off on a Sunday evening, I really hope it comes back soon because the whole area is in darkness and I am liable to fall in the gutter or something. So I sit here and wait. My cousin said he might stop by, hope he does so I can get a ride home, but following the law of Murphy is probably going to go straight home, or he’ll not see my car and turn around thinking I’ve left. My positive thinking switch just like the light is switched off.

I’ll give it about 30 minutes and then go home. On the bright side I should get an early night whatever the case. Just have to be on the lookout for the potholes and the gutter on the way back. What a great start to the working week.

About efiasworld

A British Born Ghanaian navigating her way through life.
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