Zongo boys and gals

Yesterday as predicted was a long one. I ended up leaving the office at around 9pm it wouldn’t have been so bad had it not been the 5am wake up call, in the office by 6.30 and nearly getting attacked by a knife wielding zongo boy. It sounds more dramatic than it actually was, it wasn’t intended for me, I was just an innocent bystander who arrived at the wrong time.

It was 5pm and I needed to step away from the computer for a while as I was starting to get a bit cross eyed. I decided to go to the poolside bar to have my usual lime and water and if possible sit there in relative peace, well as much as the old man behind the bar would allow me. It was still light so it was possible to wear my shades and close my eyes so as I was nodding and smiling the old man wouldn’t notice that I was actually asleep.

As I got to the gate, one short boy was storming out to the kebab seller to grab his knife, “I’ll give you one show” he said as he tried to storm his way back in. His boys were giving him fans and the lifeguard was trying to cool the situation as the recipient of the anger stood way behind the other side of the gate antagonising the boy with the knife telling him to go ahead as he too was a stubborn boy. I stepped way back, I wasn’t going to put my mouth inside and end up in the A&E especially when there is only one theatre at my registered hospital.

The situation cooled down a bit, the kebab seller had managed to retrieve his knives and I was allowed to enter. The knife boy gang had gathered themselves together to go, well they had no choice, after their display the lifeguard had, had enough and told them to get out, the other boys were told to stay behind for a bit as the boys were still hanging around the premises still looking to shed some blood before bedtime.

There was one young girl from the gang who had been told to go still hanging around. A school girl, probably around 15. Her hair cut low and she was wearing one of those long shirt dresses that the muslim guys wear. Oit was at one time white but looked like it had not been washed in a while. She looked like the first time she had bathed in a while was when she went to swim, both her skin and the clothes she was wearing were now more or less the same colour. It was also obvious that the attire she was wearing was her dads as she had to hold it up otherwise it would be dragging on the floor. She was speaking in Ga but although I didn’t understand what she was saying the gobby girl was not saying things a lady should say.

We find out later what the fuss was all about, the boys that were still by the poolside are from Central Accra, the others from Nima. One of the Accra boys slapped the arse of a Nima boy’s girl. He claims he simply brushed past her in the pool but they say it was a grope. This resulted in a ruckass between the two camps. The girl, the dirty looking girl with the foul mouth. My word, if you are going to fight over a girl guys, it should be worth it. Both myself and the old man looked at this boy with well disappointment. It stopped being about assaulting the girl but more about his taste but as they say one man’s meat is another man’s poison. If any of my guy friends was to bring this girl home I would probably disown them but well some don’t have such high standards so who am I to talk.

It was obvious that I wasn’t going to get the rest I so desperately craved so I took myself back to the office to finish off my work. As I got back, school prefect had managed to find some drama to whine on about. Thankfully, my parcel arrived from my dear friend E, she had done me a whole load of CD’s from the 80s to date. I loaded one into the laptop and adjusted my earphones and got lost in the music until I finished my reports. At 9pm, I realised I was the only one still in the office and my brain had gone asleep ahead of my body so shut up to go. Took my usual gin and lime and went home to watch an episode of pretty little liars. That’s my new guilty pleasure. It describe it as a mix of gossip girl meets desperate housewives if they were still in high school. Not as connected as I am to gossip girl but it is filling the void that it has left me. I have enough shows on my hard drive now to last me a few months before I start missing dstv so that’s good especially as I am owing for a couple of pairs of shoes and there is still one pair that I would like to buy. I need a pair of black heels, I am hoping that this month when the bonus arrives I have enough to cover the expenses and treat myself to them as well as the Chanel glasses I have been lusting after since before christmas.

Today is International Woman’s day. I would like to say a special hello to my dearest friends, and all the women in my family: mum, sisters, auntie’s, cousins, the most outspoken but strongest, bravest, loving girls that I know. They know who they are, thanks for always being there and wishing you and women everywhere a wonderful day.

About efiasworld

A British Born Ghanaian navigating her way through life.
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