Judgement Debts

I know a certain person who reads my blogs will not appreciate my abuse of the Electricity Corporation of Ghana and my views on the atrocious politics in Ghana but it has to be said. ECG surpassed themselves last night, and their nonsense leaked into today. I was one step away from suing them but fortunately they have manage to rectify the problem. Last night, we had light but at a very low current, like if they had just turned it off it would have been better. I really felt the suffering of the appliances, had it continued I am sure I would have had to add a new fridge to my list of “other expenses”. The fan in my mum’s room was working but not really powerful and my A-C was just blinking. It was not a good night for me as my body was sweating buckets. At about 1am it looked like the current was rising so I tried the A-C. I heard a chug, chug, chug, then boom. I could have cried, had my A-C gone kaput on me?, it was barely a year and I still owed for it how was I going to get this problem sorted out.

I slept after midnight and was up at 6.30 when I got a text message from my colleague to ask if I knew anyone who sold water. Just a few miles down the road, my friend was suffering from a lack of the other basic necessity, water, so had to buy some, and it doesn’t come cheap either, about 150ghs, this could last a month if you’re lucky, but you need to be economical, be conscious of the amount of times you flush, when washing, ensure not to let the water run for too long, even showering is not the enjoyable pleasure it should be as you have to make sure you don’t overuse the water. My mum was having 2-3 showers a day until she realized the cost of buying water when we used up the reserve water and the government switched off the taps. Now she has narrowed it down to 2. Bless.

Well at about 1pm the lights kept going of and on so I gather they were trying to fix the problem then there was a torrential downpour for an hour so of course the lights went out for an hour after that, a short while ago it came back on and the A-C was restored, so sat under that for a while before coming out to enjoy a cool breeze and a soda water with a dash of lime.

Now why am I more annoyed than usual on this matter. Instead of the powers that be, seeking to resolve this issue and doing the one thing that might make the public have any kind of trust in them, they are rather taking us back pre-slavery times and making a whole lot of mess in their wake. In the news recently a man was arrested for printing that the president’s wife received 5million ghs of Judgement debt money. For those of you that don’t know, a gentleman by the name of Woyome successfully sued the state for a supposed contract he said he wasn’t paid for during the previous administration something to do with the African Cup of Nations held in Ghana in 2008. He was awarded 91m of which around 50m has been paid. It came out later that it was a whole load of shite and that a few top government officials got a share of this pie, it has turned into a whole mess, the president claiming he knows nothing about it, sacked a few people (the wrong people mind you) in an attempt to show that he was working, but really, if you run a business and a huge amount of money goes out, you claim to know that you know nothing about it, either there is an element of mistruth or you really don’t know what’s going on around you, meaning what is your point.

So they arrest this guy making this whole case a criminal matter. I am not a politician, neither do I claim to know what really goes on around here, but if it is not true, wouldn’t it be a simple case of defamation of character, make it a civil case and make the guy print a retraction and apology. But no, more public money is going to waste.

In other news, they are debating whether the law should make a case out of a performer who showed his private parts on the TV. Some guy, his name is one love kubalor or something like that, he has these long dreads, wears odd clothings and raps about peace and love, he is of mixed race and a bit of a hippy, to be honest I haven’t really listened to his music but I have seen a couple of interviews, he seems a bit of an oddball to me, but that’s just my view on him others think he is great. Well the interviewer said to him on TV, she has heard he doesn’t wear any draws (underpants), is that true and he said true, and said does she want proof, she more or less said yes, thinking he wouldn’t do it, and he did. If middle America thought that the Janet Jackson nipplegate was shocking they would have fainted on this one. They are thinking of making a case out of this, so why they are making a fuss over these trivial issues, the rest of us without generators and boreholes are forced to sit in darkness and suffer the injustice of having to go fetch water to get on with our daily lives.

Well that’s the venting over for today. I’m off to buy smother her ice-cream, she has been craving sweets for a while now and I don’t want her to start complaining, it is mothering Sunday tomorrow afterall.

Tuesday is Bev’s birthday, so I want to wish her a happy birthday in advance and tell her I love her lots x

The Kwame guy bb’d me, the short married guy I mentioned earlier. He said that he wanted to pass by my office but he was afraid of getting a cold reception. So I told him I only get upset over issue’s that matter to me, besides I was very busy so wouldn’t have time to see him anyway. Really, I’ve got to the point now that if I’m bored I have a laptop full of programmes to watch or I can sit peacefully at my spot, I am so over married guys looking to get their leg over. I may not have many friends but it’s quality not quantity that I’m after.

Unfortunately I didn’t make it to the wedding, my job in collaboration with ECG managed to spoil my social life but never mind. Tomorrow is another day.

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