another workshop, another long day

I am back at the spot. Was supposed to see lawyer guy, the one from England. He’s at an internet cafe around circle and he says he can catch his bus to Kumasi at midnight. If I go, that means I get there around 10 and will not get home until 1am. As he will be expecting me to drop him off at the bus station. Is it me, or am I wrong in thinking this man is not worried about my safety in no way shape or form. Or am I being lazy and should go out there even if it means missing out on sleep because I have to be up at 5 to dodge the traffic to get to the office in time for tomorrows meeting.

Todays workshop was quite interesting I must say, it was at African Regent, a far cry from the last one which was at the office, but when it is heads of departments I guess they need somewhere more substantial than the small meeting rooms in the office and grimey canteen. I actually stayed awake throughout the morning and it was going great until lunchtime.

They have a choice of one local dish (banku and okra today) and the usual potatoes and fried rice and sauces and stuff. I wasn’t so hungry haven had some sandwiches at the break so took some monkfish in ginger dressing, pasta and salad. I bit into a bit of the fish, it didn’t taste so great and couldn’t taste the ginger. I looked at the fish and it was rather pink. If I wanted sushi, would have purposely asked for it in a proper sushi restaurant. Even at that, I have to admit, I am one of those boring types who only eats raw fish when it is smoked salmon or tuna out of a can, although seared tuna is much better than well done, it always tastes rubbery when it is well cooked. However this was not a sushi day and within the hour I literally started turning green.

Thankfully man child boss asked us to go back to the office to re-look at our presentations. I decided to walk back. It didn’t even bother me that the sun was beating on me, I just had to keep on moving.

I went to the poolside for a fag. I needed something to do something to release the fish that was turning my stomach. Even the thought of it was making me want to throw up. (Too much information I know but I went through it and so must you). At the poolside, there were these rather unsavoury boys, they were looking at me as if maybe I might be an ashawo even though I am dressed today like a nun in my 3 quarter length skirt and shirt, although I have twists in my hair now, if you didn’t know you would think that I have dreaded my hair, I could pass for a weed smoker I guess. One boy finally had the guts to ask for a fag, I said 50p, he gave me 1ghs and took 2. I was half joking but took the money anyway haha.

So after a fag and a couple of gallons of water I was fine, didn’t get out until nearly 9 though as I had to start on presentation number two so missed out on the dinner at Monsoon restaurant in Osu. But oh well, it saves me piling on unwanted pounds around the midriff.

It’s now nearly 10, lawyer guy is still waiting for a response. But right now all I want to do is pee. If I go home there is no coming back out, my mum would definitely tell me not to go back out. Well for now. I need to get out from the outside as I think something has crawled down my top….

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A British Born Ghanaian navigating her way through life.
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