The end of an extremely busy week

This is going to be a quick one, update you on all the drama that had been going on in the past few days, and some interesting places to eat also. It is day 4 of the get up at crazy o’clock and leave at crazy night o’clock and I am absolutely shattered. I just have to make it to dinner and then I am home for the night.

So yesterday, I didn’t get to blog because there was a nationwide blackout. A pipe burst or something in the volta river sending the whole country into darkness. This is about the third time this has happened in about 2 months. Really, I don’t want to say too much because I’ve been told they are trying, well they are trying my patience, I can’t believe in the year 2012 we have gone back, in fact we have gone back in time and it’s even worse. Try harder ECG!!!

Anyway, the mystery of the two business managers was resolved yesterday morning. My one is leaving, and the crazy one is staying, the two businesses are merging (takeover) and I am feeling a bit redundant as they will not need two planners and they haven’t told me whether I have got the marketing position or not. Pray that I hear something soon. I informed man child boss, who only sought to show me once again that the position is wasted on him. Asking me what am I going to do, urm, are you the manager, or am I managing myself, I don’t know. His blazé response got me quite irritated and I told him that I would stay but I don’t see the added value especially if I am going to stay here for another 2 years and at best get a sideways movement out of it. He didn’t say anything. Really, I wouldn’t be having these types of conversation with my boss if only he wasn’t so childish and acquired the skill of managing.

Anyway, yesterday was dinner at Golden Tulip, I have had their breakfast before and had some nibbles and a drink but not ate a proper meal at the Accra hotel. I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed it. You have the choice of the buffet, or selected dishes cooked for you on site. I decided to go with the chef’s pasta and beef, I can’t say much for the service, most of them were miserable gits, and when I ordered the wine they took so long I thought they had gone out to crush the grapes, but the food was good. I had topped up on the salad like they tell you to do in the magazines so that I don’t over-do the main course, but of course, I was still trying to stuff down the last mouthful even though I was fit to burst it was really that good. Well spiced and just very tasty. I would let a date take me out there to eat again. I didn’t have the desert though, as much as I wanted to, I just couldn’t take in another bite. The newly merged category went so it gave me a chance to speak to my new team (maybe?), very interesting characters. The brand manager that I met in Nigeria was there, he said we had unfinished business. I don’t know exactly what that was about, but evidently as I suspected he was all talk, so I managed to dodge what was looking like a very uncomfortable conversation.

Tonight we are off to La Chaumiere (think I got the spelling wrong), it is across the road from the office which suits me fine as it will make life a lot easier going home. I have been there before about a year and a half ago on a team lunch, the food was quite nice then so I hope that the standards have been maintained.

So that was a brief recap of yesterday’s events, as I said, very tired, but had to update you on my two bosses. The Chilean boss is going back to South America where he will be the country manager for El-Salvador I think. I wish him the best, I could never quite tell what he really thought of me, most of the time he was quite sarcastic, the rest I think he thought I wasn’t on top of my work and he had to ‘prompt’ me to get things done. Most of the time I was waiting for a response from my friends in the Ghana office but because they took so bloody long to give me an answer it looked like I had put my feet up waiting for his call. But I shall think positively, afterall he did recommend me for the marketing position. Now whether I get it or not, that’s a different story.

Anyway, I did say I was going to go and now I will. Tomorrow is another day, so until then.

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A British Born Ghanaian navigating her way through life.
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