Biometric voting…

I’m so tired now but just stopped for a drink, and filled the gap with a boiled egg with fresh hot pepper in the middle. At 20p it’s cheap, it does the trick, and the pepper dilutes the alcohol. Ok so it aint no pizza but it was still good, and it’s protein so I don’t feel so guilty for eating it so late at night. Even though I am ready for bed, I might make it a hat trick of blogs tonight.

For the next 10 days, Ghanaians everywhere are registering to vote. They are standing in a queue in the hot sun to acquire the new biometric card which will allow them to come December. Really if it wasn’t for my uncle who would give me a lecture on the evils of not voting because my vote counts and look at how the country has declined in the past 4 years, do I want to be held accountable for the collapse of the country if this government were to rule for another 4 years, really I wouldn’t bother. I am one of those people who thinks they are all the same, everybody is after they’re own gain. They would rather sling mud at each other than think of the poor man trying to make a living on less than $1 a day. However, I have seen the difference in this country since I have got here, I respect my uncle and I respect what he and the other members of the now opposition party did when they were in power so I will make the effort.

I am a bit of a contradiction. I am a labourite and a democrat, in contrast to the rest of my family, but they fight for the working class and although smother would like to think of us as middle class, we came from working class to be working-middle class and for that reason I am a labourite. So by default I should be an NDC member as they supposedly model themselves on that model but I think that the views of the NPP are more up my alley, so that’s why I will be voting for them. I’m not saying they didn’t chop the country’s money. They did, in my own small way I chopped some too, I paid half, my family paid the other half, that was during their tenure, had I come to Ghana during this period, I don’t think they would have been so willing to help me out. However, they chopped with sense, they did something for the country, it was just that the people wanted a change, and well they got that.

I knew it was going to go belly up when the now presiding numpty got on the stand. How can one promise a reduction in fuel prices, what control does an individual have over the price of petroleum. I say no more, he’s here now, I hope it isn’t long to go.

When I was in the UK, getting close to election time, we were sent a card, go to the polling station, the representatives there would cross of your name, you vote, you get out. In Ghana they say we should get this new biometric card. Trouble is:

1. When the biometric people come to your area, you only have 10 days until you register. If you are like me and do an 8-5, you only have the weekend and think, 27 million people with the majority scattered around Accra, think of the queue.

2. The biometric machine is not the most superior, keeps breaking down.

3. The person at the computer, not the most trained.

4. The process is slow, and the workers don’t turn up on time.

5. In the end you get some flimsy, poor quality, paper with some cheap lamination that if you don’t position in your wallet/purse correctly it will spoil.

6. Did I mention the queue

On the radio stations I have been hearing that fights have broken out because people have been waiting an age only to find out the machine has broken. I’m mentally psyching myself up for it.

I hear next week they will be at the grounds near my office, so I will register then.

I will not go on about the politics too much as I know not everyone shares my view or even cares to read about it, but what I will say is your vote counts it could be the difference between 4-5 years of a decent life or a miserable one. You choose.

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A British Born Ghanaian navigating her way through life.
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