Moving out

It’s been a while, and it will probably be a while before the next post so apologies in advance. I have come down with the flu, it kind of wiped me out last week, so bad I didn’t know if it was actually the flu or malaria, but I hear it has been going around. Unfortunately no time to wallow in my bed, I was “volunteered” to help the company move to it’s new office. It started off with 5 people, and I was again “volunteered” to be chair. At the last meeting held however there was a total of 1 person who attended, zero if you include me. To be fair the project manager did apologise for not coming as he was at the site, but the rest complained about how busy they were.
It is quite annoying as I end up leaving the office around 8 because I have ended up doing 80% of the job, when I leave the office, these same people have long since gone home.

In the beginning I thought it would be simple. There was one committee to pick the furniture and the others to help move the staff. As I am on the latter I just thought, a couple of communications and then on the day, get everyone packed and out. The first meeting everyone was there, big ideas. We are going to have a walk to the new premises from the old. We arrange food, T-shirts, boxes etc…, big ideas that now its time to execute everyone has scarpered. So it’s me and the project manager, we’ve roped in a few more volunteers to assist on the day, but me, I am just pulled from one meeting to the next. Meeting company, caterer, IT, landlord. I will not complain though as I can add Project Manager to my list of achievements when I update my CV.

I am at my spot now after a hard days graft. Was in at 6am and out at 8pm (although I did manage to find a couple of hours to go and finally fix my hair which was beginning to look like I lost my brush and comb). There is this guy sitting quite close but still away from my table. Quite an annoying lad. I was sitting with my drink playing solitaire on my phone when he started repeating “good evening”, I actually thought he was on the phone so didn’t mind him. I finally realised he was talking to him and responded. Big mistake. All I can say is, if this is his A game, he needs to take it back to the shop for a refund. First of all, dude has a lot of facial hair which looks like the facial hair is growing on the facial hair. Not a big fan of that, I just think about the amount of food that may have got lost in the wild around his mouth.

The second thing is he looks unkept, but that is probably a by-product of the first point. Lastly, if you ask a lady if you can sit with her and she tells you no because she has personal space issues (couldn’t think of anything else to say), but dude, here’s a dollar go buy yourself a clue please.

I think of all the weirdo’s I’ve met, this one has taken the biscuit, got me so rattled I lost my train of thought. So I’m going to go now, but hope to be back soon with more of my observation of this weird and wonderful country. Just to let you know I’m still here, so bare with me.

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A British Born Ghanaian navigating her way through life.
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4 Responses to Moving out

  1. Dee Reynolds says:

    Get Well soon Efia, Ive been reading your blog since last year, and Im totally edutained.


  2. lol!! thats hilarious! facial hair on facial hair? too funny. check out my blog post i write on Photography, Lifestyle and Fashion in Ghana.


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