The cost of a life in Africa

A few months ago 2 planes crashed within days of each other. The first one was here in Ghana, a cargo plane crashed into a bus killing 11 people on board. The second one a passenger plane in Nigeria killed I believe 150 passengers and crew. A few weeks ago in Ghana our presiding president died. I learnt it was throat cancer. In a matter of hours of hearing of his death, the vice was sworn in.

The difference between these deaths. The mode but the rationale. I don’t think there is a big difference between them.

I’ll start with our dear president first. A nice guy. Self pronounced asumdwehene (excuse the spelling) loosely translated to king of peace. He was a nice guy, very cool, very calm but without running the risk of speaking ill of the dead, nice guys don’t necessarily make for good leaders.

He was obviously sick even when he was sworn in, yet he kept his seat. Hrs surrounded himself with people who did not have the best interest of the country, the last 4 years have been controversial to say the least. Every Tom, Dick and Harry has come to the government for some payout and been granted a judgement debt even where there was no evidence to show they were given a penny. A lot of promises were made during the election campaign and well I can’t think of one that has been executed. On top of that he didn’t seem to have a clue what was going on.

At the time people said he was either very stupid or was in on it. We know better now. I remember listening to the radio shortly before his last treatment, he was going to see his doctor in the states and the opposition sent a message of good luck, the response was that the opposition were being bad minded and they should mind their own business basically keep your good wishes to your self. Now we all know the truth.

I don’t know his motives for keeping quiet, for sitting in such a stressful seat when he obviously should have been resting. But he stayed. Was it the power? Was it greed? Or did he genuinely think by him being president he was helping the people of Ghana. I don’t know. All I know is that on Friday he will be buried, and the only people who will genuinely feel his loss will be his wife, his children and his family. The rest of us. Well even though I shouldn’t admit it, this is the only outlet I can be totally honest and the rest of us are thinking about how the next president will make this country better.

Was his time up or did he have a bit more time, we will never know, but my condolences go out to his family.

To the air disasters. This one. I will say is a matter of pure greed. I have to admit. I feel a lot safer taking British Airways from Accra to London than I do for a 45 minute journey to my neighbouring countries. Even the sound of the engine makes you know that this is a proper African plane. Then I hear about such a disaster and this reinforces my fears. Both disasters were due to technical malfunctions. The people at the top buy second hand inferior parts and pocket the rest. Perception is reality and that’s the way I It’s a big problem on Africa and it’s new becoming deadly. I have this argument with the electricity company all the time. They say its demand more than supply but really there are countries far less advanced with a larger population yet still don’t have these issues yet still don’t have this problem. So it’s either there is a knowledge gap and people do not have the adequate training or the equipment bought is not the adequate equipment either way some of us reap the benefits while others pay the price and in the case of the air disasters they literally paid with their lives.

We all want better lives for ourselves and our family but how far is too far and and what cost and to whom. I drive along the streets of Accra and it takes me 30 minutes what would be a 5 minute journey but the person who got the contract is fine as they are driving a 4×4.

The people in charge of my electricity are ok as they have enough money to buy a generator.

Those who provide water are ok if they switch of the water supply as they have dug a borehole and so have a reservoir.

Yes we all want the good life but other shouldn’t be at the cost of another.

I pray lessons of the recent past have been learnt and we do indeed enter a better Ghana/Africa.

Until then, to the recently departed. May their souls rest in peace.

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A British Born Ghanaian navigating her way through life.
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