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It’s Tuesday morning, I was going to send this out yesterday, but halfway through typing the lights went out and the generator messed up. So I was here from 2pm, doing nothing basically, the phones are set to wireless so couldn’t make a call, the CV’s were on the computer so couldn’t read them. My boss wouldn’t allow us to go, but at ten to 5 I managed to break loose because really it was a waste of a day. It is a bit of a shame because Monday morning started off great, I got in at 6.40 having typed up my script for the morning’s role play. Then I go to switch on the photocopy and nearly blew up the building. A fuse burst (well it felt like it), then a whole phase of the building went down, photocopier, internet and water cooler. There was a bit of a panic because everyone needed to print out their script, and I’m like what did we do before computer, pen and paper, write it out. That didn’t go down well with the Admin Manager, he gave everyone a lecture about it not being printed. I still think that he is trying to justify his position because only God knows what he does in the little office around the corner, because his only other added contribution to the morning’s meeting was that people were taking a little bit extra than the allocated one hour for lunch.

I further antagonised the operations manager this morning too. Honestly, I swear, I didn’t do it intentionally. We had to give feedback on everyone’s presentation and it is not my fault that the boss agreed with every comment I made. Then when it was his turn, she made a comment that he sounded like he was reading. The final blow was when after my presentation, the only comment was that I said that I was a “consultant” and not a “senior consultant” (that whole status thing), and I didn’t make business conversation, but I decided to leave it out anyway. So the Ops Manager decides to give his comment and all he could come up with is that I was slanging. Like I’m British, have you not heard one before. I’m already annoyed that my accent is going (just as smother said), and I am really making a conscious effort not to let it go, so please.

Well he shouldn’t worry though, he can get me at tomorrow’s meeting as I have not called any companies, well technically it is not entirely my fault because the lines and the net was down so was unable to get any information. Now I have to find clients with exceptional talents. Which leads me to my point today. In Ghana, it is very common to have a 6 or 7 paged CV unlike the 2 page CV required for UK applicants. In UK, I know that most agencies put your CV through a scanner and if the buzz words come up it is accepted, if not, CV thrown in the bin. Here all CV’s are read by one scanner that is me. So here’s a few pointers for anyone who sends their CV through, just in case you don’t hear from me or any of my colleagues:

1.First of all this is an executive recruitment consultancy (mid to senior level), unfortunately we don’t look for work for fresh graduates. If you come through here as a fresh graduate with little to no experience, you can have all the firsts in the world, you are going to have to take a very junior level position.

2. Please don’t say you pay attention to detail then have spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and words where you have put a s pace in between them because you haven’t read the CV before sending.

3. Entry Level means you want a position that doesn’t require much skill or qualification, it’s actually lower than a graduate position, if you have been a Finance Manager for the past 20 years, you are not looking for an entry level position. I don’t know if it is that people don’t understand the meaning or they haven’t changed their profile statement in 20 years but you should know better.

4. If the font is in Comic or any other garish font which quite frankly hurts my eyes, I will throw it away, I am not going to look at it. That means you Mr acting CEO, computers have been around for a while now so you should know how to change your style to a decent font. Please also make sure that the font is consistent throughout the CV, it makes ones eyes really sore otherwise.

5. Telling me that you worked in a position for two years but not giving me dates, doesn’t tell me anything and your CV will end up in the file marked “others”.

6. Make sure your work experience reads in the right order.

7. It is really nice to know that you are a married father of two who is a non-smoker, but I just want to know if you can do the job, it is rather unnecessary.

8. Three references are enough, one CV I read had about 9 references, I get your point, you are a credible person, but I don’t need to get one from your pastor, your best friend from college, your prophet, your high school teacher and your doctor in addition to the countless other references you put down.

9. The generic random cover letter is not necessary, this is a recruitment firm, we like your CV, we send it forward, the covering letter is a waste of time, save it for the direct company to company application, that way you can tailor it to be more personal.

10. I know that it is the Ghanaian way to have a 6 page long CV but try and keep it as brief as possible. When it is too long you find that companies only read the last job you did and may miss out on the rest of your work experience. Long story short, it gets boring.

We’ve just finished our morning devotion, which as I said is a good thing, but I like to have my quiet time with God, not with wailing noises around me, I am hoping that they never ask me to lead because my prayers are very short. Thank you God for today, please make it a fruitful one.

Time to make like I am working now, I haven’t managed to call one company yet, so I better do what I was employed to do. Well at least until lunchtime.

Goodbye for now.

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A British Born Ghanaian navigating her way through life.
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  1. Jose Calixto Bustamante carrion says:

    No aparecen los ejecutivos mas importantes, despues de la junta Directivoa, como gerente, financieros, contador, auditor, para hacerles preguntas personalizadas


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