I have to get into work at 7 and be out at 5, the rationale being that business hours are between 8 and 5 so those are the outer hours is what we should do to read emails and prepare. I am a bit lucky that I live 10 minutes away and I have a car, but look at the people who live on the other side of town. It’s lunchtime and I already want to sleep.
I also realised that the people in ‘management’ are basically members of her family. The admin manager for example, he had been out of work for a long time and got this job through his aunt. So he get’s to use the company pool car too and from work and gets his own office, but what does he know about the business. I have been given 50GHS a week for petrol, on condition that I go out to meet clients once a week, I should also take a receipt when I buy this petrol because I may use it for something else. Trust me, the way my car is sucking fuel there is no chance of that. So I say, what about the to and from work, isn’t that for business purposes that I use my car. That is a benefit he says. Hmmmm, alright love, and he will be checking, because he doesn’t have anything else to do. What are his other issues, the time we take for lunch and removing the kettle from the kitchen. Yes, you read right, he says that if it is in the kitchen we may be tempted to use it but there is already a water cooler, so to save costs and to avoid temptation, he is taking the kettle out. I think it is rather the case that he doesn’t have one and he wants it for his house. What he should be doing is getting my bank details, and making sure I sign the contract before I ship out of here at a days notice. But somehow, he has overlooked that and I am not going to be the one to remind him.

We don’t help ourselves really, you have people in positions that they have no business being in, concentrating on things that they shouldn’t do and so the things that should be turn their concentration to, are missed out. So the business just doesn’t go anywhere, and it starts from the top.

Today, the law says that unless your business does transactions in foreign currency, you can’t change money over a certain threshold. Basically, there is too much dollars in the system but no cedis so it is depreciating at a very alarming rate. It would be fine, if and only if they stopped people from charging in dollars. The company I work with charges its fees in dollars, so according to law, I should give her the cedi equivalent. Why is it still alright for her to charge in dollars. Today if I pay my mortgage I still have to give them the cedi equivalent at the prevailing rate. The rate as at today is 2.5, so how exactly is this piece of legislation going to benefit me going forward.

What they need to do is stop people charging in dollars for cars, houses, and the rest. They also need to stop putting a high tariff on the new goods people bring in and keep them on the crap that people do bring in (like a 50 year old death trap of a car). That way, when the car is at the showroom, the dealer would have worked out what he had spent and then add his margin on accordingly. As for houses, I don’t see any reason why they need to be charged in dollars, cost of cement plus whatever fixtures and fittings put in, then add your margin. It doesn’t take rocket science, I don’t see the logic in continuing to charging in a currency whereby the people don’t earn as a salary.

However, they won’t look at that side, because the person who had the bright idea did not look at the bigger picture. Partly because he is not qualified, and partly because he is thinking about the fact that in 2 years he may not be in that position, so he needs to put as much away in his own foreign bank account. The fact that it is at the expense of his own black brothers and sisters, that is neither here nor there.

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2 Responses to Blaxpotation

  1. cannotdeletewp says:

    All goes back to the fundamental issue: Ghanaians and Africans in general are not _making_ anything in sufficient quantities that other people want to buy. Ghana should do what Argentina and Zimbabwe did; use formally the US dollar until the economy is sufficiently strong.


  2. Gary says:

    The Cedi depreciating is a problem that not one individual or government can take care of on their own. Everyone can make an argument as to how a certain fix will affect them in a negative way.
    The people who are doing well in Ghana are in a better position to make some choices that maybe in the short term affects them in a negative way but benefits Ghana in the long term by changing this endless cycle of consuming foreign.


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