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My ex boyfriend came to mind on valentines day, 6 years of bullying and trying to get him to understand that the world doesn’t revolve around him, he kinda killed my spirit and gave me self esteem issues for a very long time afterwards, it was like I had PTSD or something. His personality was not to disimilar from Nana (which is how I know I was not in the right frame of mind when I agreed to go out with him). When I thought about Freddy though, I actually smiled, after all, it can’t have been that bad for me to have stayed with him for all those years. He used to buy me really big valentines cards with a teddy and or a rose, and he would buy a bottle of wine for me and 6 cans of Stella Artois for a fiver for him. We’d have a Chinese Takeaway, and we’d just have a laugh.

Nothing like a bad break-up to make the last bad break-up feel like it was heaven. I hope that I think of Nana in that way one day soon (hopefully when I am in a great relationship though and not after a break-up). But today, I just want revenge, and I want him to suffer, and feel every bit of pain he made me feel. I suppose it’s all part of the healing process.

But anyway, today’s topic involves, my office, the electricity, the technology and how I had nothing to do for a day and a half (well two days as I will probably spend the rest of the day enjoying the net, re-reading my girl P’s email and planning my programmes to download). I may get a few calls in, but it all depends on if the Admin manager gives me my fuel allowance. He is the epitome of a manger whereby power goes to one’s head, yet they manage to do nothing.

Now, it may sound like one of my bitching fests, my Goddess complex where I am better than the people around me, but in this case it is true…lol

I like to come in early on Monday mornings, it sets me up for the day, well it’s probably because I don’t do much on Sunday’s so I am not pressing the snooze button about a million times. I get here now, and there was no electricity. This one, wasn’t ECG though, originally they thought it was the young man who was supposed to pay the bill. Karl, his name is, he’s so sweet, in addition to doing his own job they just make him do everything else, buy water, do the photocopies (the Admin manager said it doesn’t make financial sense for the business to have one we were hiring). Anyway, after discussing with the operations manager whether they were going to rat him out to MD, turns out it was a connection fault with the generator switch.

Now I was expecting that the previous week when the lights went off, and we had to sit here the whole day until 5pm doing nothing that Admin would have sorted it out. Apparently, he called once, didn’t get a response, that was it, until Monday. So we sat outside in the hot sun while we had our meeting, that was fun. We did our usual role play and I realised I have created a monster. A little mini me, but a bit like a designer knock off. It’s looks the same, but it is so obvious it is not. Why do I say that, usually I give people a tough time as the client being called. In the real world you will have to deal with a lot of objections, so I do my best to make it as real as possible. Well I had to call my girl and she gave me a really tough time, except she kept saying inappropriate things that you wouldn’t really hear in a business conversation, and I kind of ran rings around her. But I like her, so she is now my pet project, going to toughen her up (I think this is her first real job) but I will fight her corner too. She’s young and hasn’t got that whole female jealousy thing going on so I will take the time to mold her.

Well anyway, it got to later on in the day, we looked like a bunch of misfit homeless people, some where sleeping on the couch, some where reading newspaper at reception and some where just asleep on their desk. So I go into see Admin, and said so what do we do. He says ‘we sit here until 5.30’. I’m thinking dick head, give me an update and give me some alternate means to do my work. You see, the phones are all cordless and run over the network, we all have desktops, all the numbers are on the database, on the computer, so if the electricity or the internet goes down, that’s the company buggard basically.

So anyway, I ask him for an update, and that’s when it must have clicked to find out where the people are. They said they will be here soon, he didn’t get a time, so we sat here, until it was time to go home.

This morning, Admin goes on and on about how he waited until 8 (well he has free reign of the company car so I don’t know what his problem is quite frankly) and well no point getting annoyed with me, when you didn’t bother to apply pressure. So that was the morning wasted, no phone to call, no internet so couldn’t even use the internet on my phone, and once again rather than looking like a professional outfit, we looked like a bunch of misfits.

Admin and operations manager went out to a meeting, neither looked like they had a clue but hey ho.I went home and slept for a bit (well I did have a bit of cramp and it would have been wrong to sleep on my desk). Funny enough it was the two junior boys that followed up with the generator guys and it got fixed by the time I came back after lunch.

This place that I work is very amusing, it has all the mod cons, latest technology, I am sure that what they have mirrors the office in London. Only problem is, this is Ghana, light issues, internet is not always stable, people are not that up to speed. It is all very well having the technology, but there has to be a plan B for those ‘rainy days’, I suggested that there should be a few mobile phones around, just in case we have this issue again, (because I am not using my credit for company business, sorry, and 7 people can’t be queuing for the 1).

He probably won’t hear me though, until the next time. I should stop giving people my brain….

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