Keeping It Real Part 1

I enjoy receiving feedback from my Blog, whether positive or negative as they say, no publicity is bad publicity. It also gives allows me inspiration for fresh material. Plus, it takes me one step closer to my dream of a book deal and an interview with Oprah.

I just want to start off by saying, my intention for starting this blog and its content is not to defame anyone. It is not a chance to show I am better than anyone neither is it an opportunity to offend anyone. This is about my life, my perception and therefore my reality. My observations of life in Ghana seen through the eyes of someone who is experiencing what I am going through. It may sound to you that I focus on the negative, it probably has a good deal of imbalance between positive and negative, but if you read between the lines there is a message to be read and suggestions for improvement.

While at university I worked part time for a mobile phone retail company. During the training period, we were told that when a customer receives good service, they will tell maybe one or two people. If they receive bad service, they are likely to tell 5 – 10 people. Its human nature, I would love to tell you that my experience in Ghana has been rosy and wonderful, but the truth is it hasn’t. Partly this is due to mistakes I have made in life, the other part is to do with the environment I have found myself in, but such is life. Life has its ups and its downs, its sadness and its happiness, I hope that I bring this all out.

The reason I started this blog was simple, my friends that I miss dearly and don’t get to speak to half as much as I would like to. They are now scattered all over the world and rather than send them individual emails, I put it on a platform that they could get to follow the journey with me. As time went by, a few more people got to travel with me and quite honestly it keeps me going. Writing has always been a passion of mine, but then life got in the way. I was made to believe that you go to university, get a job, and then you do the corporate life until retirement. Along the way you get married, have a couple of kids, but really the corporate thing is not for me. My passion has always been writing, helping people and fighting injustice. Like a kid who wanted to grow up to be a super hero, I just never grew out of it. Maybe it will happen, or maybe it won’t but for the here and now, this is my story.

As well as that, to some, it appears that I am bashing Ghana. This is the life I chose, so why all the negativity? I do love it here or else I would have stayed back in London (although sometimes I do have those days). But perception is reality and this is my reality. If I came in as an expat, my perception would be different. If I lived in my parents’ house or I was married, my perception would be different. If I was out every night sipping cocktails at Golden Tulip, l had a cook, a driver, and a garden boy, my perception would be different. Maybe it might change in a year from now. People change, people’s perception change, for example, this IT chick I encountered the other day, I wasn’t so keen on her last week but today after getting to know her a little bit, I find her very nice, and as I said, maybe I will feel different about where I am now it is just not today.

Sometimes the truth hurts, but it is the truth, not as written in stone, but in the way I see it. It is my observation and my opinion and my message to the people who are reading. If some feelings get hurt along the way, from the bottom of my heart I am not in a place of malice. I want the best for my mother Ghana but sometimes it appears that she is not doing the best for me. So I am just saying it how I see it, once again I reiterate, my perception is my reality.

Some people see me as a moody cow, some people see me as a heartless bitch, some others see me as a happy drunk while others see me as an all round decent person. Every way has their way of seeing things. I have heard what my shortcomings and what I feel is correct I change, what I feel isn’t correct, I take on board. It is nothing personal, I can’t change a person’s mind about me, I can only change myself. So I hope that when you are reading this you read it in the way it is intended. I am keeping it real, just being me and trying to carry you my readers along on my journey.

Now I could never compare myself to the late great Maya Angelou, but her stories came from her life experiences. A big part of that came from a place of pain. However with her words she managed to inspire millions of people around the world.

If my story inspires just one single person, then I am happy. If one reader is thinking of coming to Ghana and comes over prepared for what they may encounter. Then I can truly sleep soundly.

About efiasworld

A British Born Ghanaian navigating her way through life.
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4 Responses to Keeping It Real Part 1

  1. cannotdeletewp says:

    Just keep writing in your own style. Those that wish to criticise that with modern technology, everyone is free to voice their opinion. Ghana is (seemingly) free country; at least you are not writing about the experiences of being raped and hung from a tree, or kidnapped, or surviving civil war.

    Will you be following the world cup? Supporting England, Ghana, both or neither? 😉


  2. obibinictrl says:

    I love reading your blog and maybe should provide more feedback. You are doing a great service to those of us considering the move back and will appreciate an honest depiction. Being that we all have different backgrounds, I will suggest to readers to try to understand the writers perspective. Who knows, your blog work maybe the building block to a a novel, movie or even web series. Cue from An African City.


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