East-Legon-Enders (2)

Ama has been sacked. It’s been a week and Kwaku still hasn’t come over to the spot so she had to go. Kwaku’s weekly bill was practically paying her monthly salary and the 50p tots of Apeteshie were not covering any costs. She had to go. I can’t say I will be sorry to see her go, she always looked like a goat chewing on a straw. Sometimes it was quite frightening. The first two weeks she was wearing a hear net and looked like she just threw something on. But I will give her that , in the last couple of weeks she was making the effort, so hopefully she will take that new look with her when searching for a new job.

Then there is Nana, he has just come back from Turkey. Well so he says, he just stayed in his house for two weeks and then came back to the spot with his claim that he went on business. His car was at the garage too, although the story I heard was that he owed money and had to sell the car.

A few months back, Nana went out with the boys to Madina, he got chatting to some girl and spun her a line about being a big business man with two houses and I think properties in the UK. He was very drunk that night but took the girl home for a bit of slap and tickle. Without going into the details, he woke up the next day to find that his Iphone 5, wallet, visa card and cash as well as the girl had gone.

I found another spot one early morning on the way to work. ESTIEROSE in Tema, it is close to the Vienna City Pub and Grill. They open around 6.30 so it now my work local. I leave for work at around 6.15 so as to avoid traffic and arrive in Tema at 7. It gives me 45 minutes of rest before I start the day and I go around lunchtime and sit for an hour, it’s the closest thing that I have to a coffee shop.

It is quite a spacious area with outdoor seating, I like the place because it is quiet, most days especially in the morning it is just me and a goat. Honestly, I am not insulting anyone. I am talking a real live goat. He has his own table which he rests against and sleeps, and then when he’s done he gets up and goes for a walk. Sometimes a little black goat comes in but she doesn’t come in to often.

Back over at my local, I met one of my security guards. Actually he is the head of security at my estate. It was really chucking it down with rain the other day so I stopped and ran to shelter as the rain was just too bad. He passed by and I assumed he was off duty. He greeted me and told me who he is. So I am like ok, nice to meet you. We got chatting for a while and then, I asked him what he was drinking and he said, one shot of a drink called gold and 2 sticks of Pall Mall white. So I being neighbourly said ok have that on me. He then picked 2 shots of gold and 5 sticks. I really wish I hadn’t bothered asking especially as I had barely enough money to cover the cost of what I took. But I did ask, lesson learned.

He then told me that he was a martial arts expert, black belt something or another and he can kill a man with his bare arms. A he only need 3 hours of sleep at most but is always on the move because that’s just how it is. He liked chatting to me because I was “civilised” and he would really like to get to know me. I told him that I had a man and he said “no, even I would like to meet him too so that we could all be friends”. There was a bit of an awkward silence for a while until thankfully somebody I knew came over to the table and he took his leave.
Anyway, I need to look as if I am paying attention at this meeting when in reality I am totally lost. So until the next time.

About efiasworld

A British Born Ghanaian navigating her way through life.
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  1. blackcricket says:

    I like this East-Legon-Enders series.


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