La Piazza

Saturday I was taken out on a treat by my close childhood friend and her husband. Well she was taking her nieces out for a pizza and I tagged along.

La Piazza is situated in Osu behind the Total filling station, opposite Firefly bar. It has a friendly setting, there are comfortable seats outside but if you don’t like the natural A-C then there is indoor seating.
Pizza’s range between approximately 45 – 50GHS but I didn’t really study the menu, just looked at the one with ham and mushrooms and picked it, normally I would have bought a large pizza and shared it with a few people, but this is Ghana and everyone seems to take one each. Although there was a bit of a mix up when the pizza’s and so me and my friend shared one.

My friend’s husband had a fruity salad, served in a pineapple it was pineapple, mango, avocado, some lettuce and a sauce similar to thousand island, I am not one for fruit and savoury but it was interesting to taste. The salads come in at around 20 – 30 GHS. They do a make to order as well, we ordered a plain green salad with egg and no dressing and got just that. We did take bets to see if we would get exactly what we asked for and was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t come out an egg salad with lashings of cream and baked beans but as requested lettuce and boiled eggs.

They do a few other dishes if you prefer not to have a Pizza but if you are looking for authentic Italian dishes, I suggest you try Mama Mia, I saw a prawn dish and a Beef dish both in the vicinity of 50GHS.
The plus point was the cocktails, I ordered the La Piazza Mojito, it was a mojito but with Hennessy instead of rum, it was refreshing and just enough alcohol for you to enjoy without getting excessively tipsy.
The Pizza, well I think 50GHS is rather steep, I think you pay more for the ambiance than the food. The mushrooms tasted a bit rubbery and I am sure they were out of a tin. The Pizza was large in size and not too doughy but the taste didn’t blow me away, in fact it was the bottle of Tabasco sauce that I would say gave it any real flavour.

Saying that, the service is fast and the waiter we had was attentive (although he did miss one order). There is an ice cream parlour next door which you can enter through the restaurant. Unfortunately they had an issue with the fridge so we had to go down the road, but I did see a bread pudding and apple crumble on the desert menu.
Personally I think the plates are too much and would rather spend less for a lot less, but this is Ghana, they eat like they are New Yorkers. We also live in a country where everything is pegged to the dollar and prices are set at the tourist price. If you convert the cost of a Pizza it comes up to less than £10/$25, and it comes across as a place for the wealthy and the visitors.

Slightly over priced for me, but I would go there again if only for a cocktail. Food aside, it was a thoroughly pleasant night. The company was great, we had lots to talk about and nothing to complain about (apart from the cost) so I think that is a result.

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